Milk Soda, aka Doodh Soda, is a fusion drink that originated in Asian countries like India and Pakistan. Apart from being a summer beverage, it is widely consumed during Ramadan.

Since milk and soda are contradictory foods, the credibility of this particular drink is much debated and subjective. In short, we can both agree and disagree with this drink simultaneously.

However, today we are going to try making this at home. So, therefore, let’s get started.

What is Milk Soda?

It is an intermixture of two completely different liquid items: milk and soda. It is traditionally a street-style beverage. We have food carts selling cold drinks here in India, serving flavoured milk soda.

Let me give you an example. Watch this video below. This is the famous Pakola Milk Shake summer street drink from Karachi, Pakistan.

Look at the bright green colour of the drink in the video above. Pakola is Pakistan-Cola, a flavoured, carbonated green colour soft drink from Pakistan. So yeah, the soft drink is green in colour, and that’s why the pakola milk soda in the video above has the green avatar.

Now that you know what is doodh soda try it today.

Why Must You Make & Serve this Drink?

Although having contrasting taste profiles, milk and soda together give you a refreshing drink. Here are my top reasons why you must make it often.

  • It requires fewer ingredients that are less than five.
  • The overall prep time is less compared to lassi.
  • You can add essence for colours and flavours.
  • No fancy kitchen gadgets are needed to make doodh soda.
  • This drink can be made even using plain white soda.
  • You can flavour the doodh soda even using dry fruits.

I guess the above pointers are enough to tempt you to make this unique drink at home. Aren’t they? Let me know in the comments.

Milk Soda FAQs

Here are some questions and answers related to milk soda. See whether or not your queries are answered.

Is milk soda good for health?

Yes, but only when equal proportions (50/50) of milk and soda are mixed. It acts as a source of energy replenishment. However, drinking it daily can trigger health issues.

Is it ok to mix soda with milk?

Yes, it is ok to mix both of them. However, you must not combine both of them and store them in the freeze. The milk will curdle, creating dense lumps in the mixture.

What does it taste like?

The taste varies depending on the ingredients, but it has a sweet taste. Add strawberry, orange, muskmelon, mango, peach, pineapple, banana, apple, grape or lemon. Doing this will give you distinct flavours.

Can I mix milk with sprite?

Yes, you can mix milk with sprite soda. In this recipe, I have used sprite soda instead of regular soda. A step further, you can also add Pepsi, Thumbsup, dew or other flavoured soda. Even plain soda will work fine.

Are milk and Pepsi good?

Yes, it is a good combo. It is just like adding sprite or any other soda. Make sure you add Pepsi in proportion to the milk quantity.

Can I use plain soda instead of sprite soda?

Of course, you can use plain white soda instead of sprite or other flavoured soda. However, you can’t skip soda altogether because it won’t be doodh soda anymore.

Can I store this drink in the fridge?

You can chill this drink for a couple of minutes and not more than that. The milk will start curdling if you store it for a long time. Do not drink if you see lumps.