Doodh Ka Sharbat is an excellent, delicious, and nutritious milk drink. It is a quick and easy recipe to make, even at the last moment.

At present, Ramadan falls during the summer season. And as we all know, summer this year is punishing. So naturally, we’ll be needing more cooling milk drinks for iftar to keep ourselves cool.

Usually, when we think about making a milk sharbat for iftar, we think of either Roohafza, Falooda, milk soda, or milkshake. Or Mohabbat ka sharbat, which is becoming quite famous and people’s favourite.

Even if those options are great, you can try this recipe and include the sharbat in your iftar menu. Or you can refer to our article for Ramadan Sharbat ideas for more.

Reasons To Love Doodh Ka Sharbat

This drink has every reason for you to love this simple and flattening drink.

First of all, milk itself is a huge factor to consider. Milk is nutritious and helps keep our system cool—the thing we need most after a day of fasting and having nothing in our mouths.

Basil seeds are another natural coolant that we are using here. This ingredient is highly effective in cooling the heat in your stomach. This and milk combined is the ultimate solution for protecting our body from the scorching summer heat.

Apart from these, this drink is also really nutritious. We have added cashews, almonds, pomegranate, and apples. These ingredients are healthy and will provide energy as well. Sugar is absent here; that is also a plus.

And lastly, this drink is effortless to make and is ready in a jiffy. Moreover, it is as versatile a drink as you want it to be.

Variations For Doodh Ka Sharbat

As I mentioned above, this recipe is versatile. You can add or subtract from this and make it however you want.

Most of the milk drink recipes have custard powder in them. If you also want to use that, first add water to the required custard powder. You will only need 1 or 2 tbsp of this. Next, Cook the custard powder with milk and keep stirring, so it doesn’t thicken or burn.

Then you can add soft and less acidic fruits to this sharbat. The same goes for the dry fruits. Finally, to get a pleasant aroma, you can add vanilla essence. Or something similar like ice cream essence.

A tip to make it more colourful and delicious is to add jelly to it. My grandmother used to do this, and the final result was always delightful. And, of course, adding rose syrup or Rooh Afza is always an option for more colours and flavours.

TR’s Extra Shots

  • Sweetness – We are using condensed milk here. If you want, you can add sugar while heating the milk. Or use sugar syrup.
  • Fruits – Apart from what we are using, you can add any fruit you think will fit. Chunks of fruits like watermelon, bananas, strawberry, mango, etc., will be ideal.
  • Flavours – The most common flavour to use is rose here. But you can vary them with Kesar, strawberry, or any other available in the market.
  • Dry Fruits – Apart from almonds and cashews, anjeer, pistachio, or walnut are also great.