Falooda is an amazing beverage flavored with rose syrup & other ingredients like vermicelli, basil seeds & milk. The taste is outrageous and very refreshing. The rose syrup is the real charm of this layered falooda.

To make it more tasteful, you can serve it with dry fruits & as well as Vanilla ice cream. Falooda is very popular in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Surat where you will find on streets to refresh yourself.

In my childhood, I used to go to my uncle’s house for summer vacation. Every evening we both would go for a walk and he would treat me this amazing drink from Sagar Ice cream shop.

I loved the combination of ingredients that are used to make three layers. Rose syrup gives you instant refreshment & milk is good for an empty stomach. Basil seeds or soja seeds are very healthy as it contains coldness. It makes your body cool.

Make this Rose Falooda for Ramadan iftar and give a treat to your loved one. Due to the vermicelli and soaked basil seeds it has been a charm for kids.

Try Falooda at your home this summer & enjoy the taste with your loved ones.

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