Stable Whipped Cream is excellent for dessert as a topping on your cakes, cupcakes, or fruits even. You can have it for frosting or piping purposes. It is so stable and delicious that you can also have it just as it is.

Why Stable Whipped Cream?

If your whipped cream is not stable, it can create a lot of difficulties. Whipped cream does not have a proper consistency in decorating cakes as it is too soft. It is not the case with stabilized whipped cream. Moreover, piping is far more manageable.

Other than that, if you are making it from whipping heavy cream, it requires only one extra ingredient. And often, with gelatin, it only takes five minutes to prepare. And if you store it in an airtight container, it has a longer shelf life than a simple whipped cream.

Why Pasteurize Eggs?

We are using egg whites in this recipe. Meaning the eggs are raw. Raw eggs contain bacteria- particularly salmonella, a food poisoning agent. Therefore we need to pasteurize them.

Pasteurizing them will eliminate the risk of this bacteria causing you harm. And hence, it will be safe to use in this recipe.

Other Option To Stabilize the Whipped Cream

There are multiple ways to stabilize the whipped cream. Let’s have a look at them.

Using Gelatin

It is the most common way to make stabilized whipped cream. Mostly, bakers and commercial cake shops use this way to make this dish. However, it is an animal-based product and may not sit well with everyone. Hence you can use agar-agar to substitute gelatin in this recipe.

Using Cornstarch

It works as a substitute for gelatin in most cases. For example, gelatin is the most used ingredient for stabilizing whipped cream. But since it is not a vegetarian option since it is an animal-based product, cornstarch is mainly used to make the stabilized whipped cream.

With Confectioner’s Sugar

This ingredient contains starch in it. That is great to stabilize the frosting. It works similarly to cornstarch or potato starch.

By Milk Powder

This ingredient stabilizes the frosting and adds more milky flavour to the cream. Honestly, it will taste better than using cornstarch. The texture will also be more prosperous as well.

Using Pudding Mix

Again, the pudding mix contains starch as well. Starch is the main content to make the whipped cream stable. Therefore, it is an excellent option to use.

TR’s Extra Shots For Stable Whipped Cream

  • Chilling – Chill the bowls and the beater attachments before starting. It will help to thicken the cream faster.
  • Gelatin – If you are using gelatin to stabilize the cream, it is also necessary to let it cool before adding. Or the whipped cream can turn limp.
  • Refrigeration – Keeping the dessert with whipped cream or the cream itself in the refrigerator is best. The stability will last longer.
  • Climate – If you live in a hot and humid place like India, place an ice water bowl below the cream bowl to instantly make it whip.
  • Overwhipping – Be careful not to overwhip the cream, or else it will start turning greasy.
  • Temperature – Do not add warm gelatin to cold whipping cream, or else the gelatin will set immediately, and the cream will be stringy.

Frequently Asked Question?

Can I make whip cream in a chocolate flavour?

You could use 1 to 2 tbsp of cocoa powder to make this chocolate flavour. You may need to add some extra sugar for sweetness for the cocoa powder.

Can I use this whipped cream in Russian piping tips?

Yes, you can use this frosting in Russian piping tips. So there shouldn’t be any problem using that.

What flavours can I add to this whipped cream for frosting?

There can be multiple frosting flavours with this. You will be required to experiment with different flavours to know. Apart from chocolate, you can also make oreo frosting and tricolour frosting.

Can I make whipped cream without eggs?

Yes, there is an option to make whipped cream to the liking of vegetarians. You can make it whipped cream eggless using buttercream. However, the whipped cream is stable, but it may not be as sturdy as the one with eggs. So you may need to add gelatin or other stabilizing elements.

I found lumps in my whipped cream after refrigerating. What was wrong?

If you find lumps in the frosting after refrigeration, try using it after it gets to room temperature. But it will be better first to use it on your dessert and then refrigerate the dessert rather than cooling the whipped cream and then using it as frosting.

Can I omit sugar to make it unsweetened?

You can do that. However, this may affect the texture and consistency in the final result as powdered sugar contributes to stabilizing the whipped cream.

How long will this cream last?

If you refrigerate this cream, it will last 2-3 days. Sometimes, it can be even more than that. However, I always prefer a fresh cream for my family. Further, it is better to use the whipped cream as frosting and refrigerate to avoid lumps.

Can I use edible food colour in whipped cream?

Yes, you can use colour in whip cream. Use any edible food colour you like. However, gel food colours are generally the best for this purpose. The tricolour frosting is with edible food colours.

Can I make vegan Whipped Cream?

For sure, there is an option to make this cream in a vegan version. There are multiple options to do that. The most preferred is to use coconut milk.

If not, you can use tartar cream, almond milk, and dairy-free products to make the cream. Besides, you already have an option to make it eggless.

What is the difference between whipped cream and buttercream?

Buttercream, in comparison, to whipped cream, has a creamy and spreadable texture. At the same time, whipped cream is airy and smooth and is not as spreadable as buttercream.

Whipped cream is much lighter and fluffier, making it a poor choice for filling a cake. So buttercream is better for cake fillings as it has a rich and creamy texture. Also, whipped cream is preferred at the top of the cake for piping.