Hyderabadi Green Egg Curry is a spicy and delicious egg curry from Hyderabadi cuisine. This dish will have a rich and smooth green gravy consisting of hard-boiled eggs.

Eggs have been one of the most loved food even in India. People can go crazy over eggs but sadly do not know many egg dishes to cook. This recipe can be a solution to that.

Hyderabad has one of the best cuisines and has offered many delicious recipes like Mirchi Ka Salan, Hyderabadi Mutton Paya, Dum Biryani, Karachi Bakery Biscuits, Khubani Ka Meetha, and many more.

Texture & Taste of Hyderabadi Green Egg Curry

The texture is smooth, and the curry will be thick and semi-smooth. The dish almost resembles that of a korma because of the use of the yoghurt/curd here.

Make sure to use beaten yoghurt for the smoothness and evenly mix it in the curry. Another thing to remember is that the paste will be dirty, dull green because of tomatoes. They won’t be a bright green because of chiles, mint, and coriander. The final result of the curry will also have the same colour.

The authentic and original way of making the curry. Most restaurants do not add tomatoes in the paste to make the colour of the dish’s gravy bright and more appealing to look. But that is not how it is supposed to be.

To make the gravy look more rich and smooth in texture, add some fresh cream or beaten milk fat. But only add that in the end.

The curry will be spicy in flavour. You can add garam masala or a special egg masala if you want more flavours. Otherwise, you don’t need to add anything else as the dish is wholesome as it is.

TR’s Extra Shots

  • Coriander – When using the coriander, avoid the thorny stem of it. Use only the leaves and tender stems of the coriander.
  • Colour – The colour of the paste will be dull dark green and not a bright green colour. It is due to the tomatoes and is supposed to be like that.
  • Water – Be careful while adding water. Do not add water after adding curd until the gravy is cooked. It can mess up the taste and texture.
  • Ginger – We are only using a little bit of ginger. But you can surely add it more in amount to enhance the taste.
  • Spring Onions – We are garnishing the dish with chopped coriander at the end. But adding chopped spring onion will be a better option if you have it.
  • Spice – The spiciness of this recipe is adjustable. You can make it more or less spicy by adjusting the chillies to your taste.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use tamarind in Hyderabadi green egg curry?

Though tamarind is used more in many Hyderabadi dishes, using that in the green egg curry recipe is not such a good idea. The primary taste of this curry is supposed to be spicy, and adding tamarind will disturb that.

Is using whole spices in green egg curry possible?

This egg curry is spicy, from green chillies used here.

However, you can make it more flavorful by using some dry red chillies curry leaves in the tempering. And if you want, you can add a few spices like star anise, cinnamon stick, etc.

The flavours are intense for my liking. How to correct that?

Though this recipe does not have too many spices, some people still do not fancy the spiciness.

You can adjust the chillies to be used to your liking to avoid that. If you do not want to do that, you can add cream at the end of the recipe to reduce the spiciness.

How to rectify the bitterness of coriander and mint?

The professional trick would be to add a little bit of sugar and spices in cooking. Then, it will do the deed.

The sugar will eliminate the slight bitterness of mint and coriander. Moreover, it will also balance the tanginess of yoghurt in the dish.

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