Khubani Ka Meetha or Indian Apricot Pudding is a traditional Hyderabadi sweet delicacy prepared with dried apricots, milk and fresh cream. One of the easiest yet delicious desserts I have ever made. Ready in just less than half an hour.

Khubani is the Urdu word for apricots. It is one of the famous Hyderabadi desserts, usually served at Hyderabadi weddings and gatherings.

Khubani Ka Meetha is a tummy filling creamy delight which can be a perfect choice for iftar desserts in Ramadan. After a delicious iftar, This lovely dessert will suffice your sweet carving.

Hyderabadi sweets/desserts are very much popular in every part of India. There are many different variations for this dessert. Some cook it with milk and some with sugar and water.