Dry Fruit Lassi is a yoghurt-based drink full of assortments of multiple dry fruits. This drink is delicious, luxurious, and indulgent.

As we know, Lassi is a popular drink originally from Punjab. But has become one of the favourite drinks for people all over India, especially during the summer. Therefore, we see numerous variations in this drink. Sweet Lassi and salted Lassi are the most common ones.

Although we have Kaju gulkand lassi, which is rich in ingredients, this dry fruit lassi is another rich and luxurious variant of Lassi. These drinks are perfect not just to quench your thirst during summer but also to fill your stomach. Moreover, every variation is equally enjoyable.

Dry Fruits in the Lassi

Generally, people add only cashews and almonds. Nothing more than that. But here we are, adding so many dry fruits that we can include. So we add cashews, almonds, pistachios, walnuts, raisins, and figs. After all, the drink must live up to its name.

What Else To Add?

This dry fruit lassi is wholesome on its own, and you rarely will feel the need to add anything more to it. However, if you want to add something more, there are a few suggestions for you.

Soaked dates are great to add to the list of ingredients we are already adding to the Lassi. It will provide more sweetness and flavours. However, you have to adjust sugar accordingly.

The colour of the Lassi will change because of the use of figs and raisins. But if you are not adding them, the colour will be plain white. In that case, you can add Kesar (saffron) to it. It will provide a lovely yellow colour to the Lassi. If not, then you can add rose syrup, which will make the Lassi a beautiful pink colour. It will also be sweeter; hence you need to be careful with sugar.

To have a wholesome experience with this Lassi, add some ice cream to it. Plain vanilla or dry fruits ice cream will be great. Some people like to add crushed oreo biscuits or chocolate chip cookies. You can also add them if you want.


A large part of the people in Punjab makes Lassi with homemade curd. It is the most preferred as it contains less water content and more fat. But if you do not have that, then store-bought plain yoghurt, greek yoghurt, or any such variation is okay.

This Lassi is made from curd; therefore, it is not vegan. To make this in vegan form, you can choose any vegan substitute for this. For example, coconut yoghurt, peanut yoghurt, soy yoghurt, or any such plant-based yoghurt is preferable for making this a vegan drink. You can also use the vegan option for milk if you are using it in the recipe.

For sweetness, you can substitute sugar with honey. It will be the healthiest option. However, you can also use condensed milk, sugar syrup, or sweet mawa. Honey-soaked dates are rarely used. But you can experiment with that as well.

It is optional, but a little bit of cardamom or any essence (likely rose) is excellent to impart flavour and aroma to the Lassi. Some dry rose petals will be a great addition. Or gulkand can be an option as well.

Lassi From Milk & Custard Powder

What we have made is an instant way to make this Lassi. But there is another way to make this: from scratch with milk and custard powder.

To make that, add some milk to three tbsp of custard powder and mix until there are no lumps. Then put 500 ml of milk to boil on a stove. Add a little bit of that warm milk with saffron and keep aside.

Once the milk is warm, add 50 gms of sugar. You need to stir it consistently, or the sugar can stick at the bottom and burn. Keep cooking the milk.

Add the custard powder mix as well to the milk. Next, mix and add the saffron mix. Mix again. Keep stirring the milk. After a minute or two, put off the flame and keep the milk aside. Next, add three tablespoons of curd/yoghurt to the milk. Mix everything, cover the milk, and let the curd set in it.

After that, churn the curd properly. Add water to it as required while churning. Lastly, add the dry fruits you want and mix. The Lassi is ready to drink. Add ice cubes to it if you want it chilled.

Taste & Texture Of Dry Fruit Lassi

Both aspects depend entirely upon the ingredients we are using to make this and the quality of the yoghurt. The yoghurt must be plain and have very little to no water content. If you make it at home, be sure to use full-fat milk. Curd/Yoghurt that has malai and is fresh is the most preferable.

The texture will be smooth for the most part. But you may feel some bits of the dry fruits we are using in your mouth while drinking. You can also garnish the Lassi with more nuts, raisins, or figs. It will taste fantastic.

Storing The Lassi

Any sort of Lassi is best when served immediately and chilled. So please chill the curd/yoghurt before you are to make the Lassi. But if you want to store the prepared Lassi, store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator. It will keep the Lassi edible for two days. Only add ice cubes before serving the Lassi and not before that.