Raw Mango Murabba with jaggery is total yum. Period.😋😋😋 It’s a traditional condiment made using raw mangoes. Not to mention raw mangoes are the main ingredients here.

In addition to Mango Pickle & Aam Panna, murabba is the hot favourite. Indians make it during the mango mania in the summer season. So Murabba is an all-time favourite summer special.

Not only kids but mango murabba with jaggery is loved by all age groups. But Why? It is because of the tangy, sweet & sour flavour profile. I think these reasons are enough to tickle your taste buds. What do you think?

Murabba in Different Languages

Murabba is known as Marmalade. It is because it more or less resembles fruit jams. Therefore, we can call it desi jam made using raw mango (कच्चा आम).🤣🤣 On the other hand, it is referred to as मुरब्बा in both Hindi & Gujarati language. But, surprisingly, in Tamil, they call it मुरापा.

Although murabba is believed to be initially from Central Asia, it is still up for debate. Hence, we will not worry about that fact & enjoy this delicacy.

What is a Murabba?

As stated above, murabba is a sweet preserve made using raw mangoes. In other words, raw mango pieces are cooked with sugar till the sugar caramelises. Now that’s a traditional method of cooking. But here, we will be doing it a bit differently.

Instead of sugar, we will use jaggery. The best thing about jaggery is it is way healthier than sugar. Moreover, the taste is similar.

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Mango Murabba is a traditional Indian condiment.  It mainly consists of raw mangoes and hence is a summer special recipe.

Which Mango to use for Murabba?

The word must is essential here. First, there’s a different mango variety to make murabba. Then some mangoes are specifically for pickles. Hence, selecting the right kind of mango for murabba is a must.

Here we will use green raw mangoes.

Another critical point here is raw mangoes also come in varieties. Thus, which one is perfect for our recipe? Safeda, Dusseri, Langda & Rajapuri mangoes are ideal.

If you find it confusing, then ask the vendor in the market. They will guide you to the finest variety of mangoes for making murabba.

Murabba is not limited to mangoes. You can make murabba using other fruits too. For instance,  Apple, cherry, carrots, pineapple, amla etc., are a few to name.

Ways To Eat Mango Murabba

The first thing to remember, murabba is something that you can lick. I have come across people who eat murabba at the end like a dessert. That too with fingers licking like a baby.😝😛 In short, we have several ways to eat murabba. I have mentioned some of them below. Take a look.

As a Spread

To begin with, it goes well with plain chapati. This way, it can give a zest to a boring dish. Moreover, mango murabba is a traditional substitute for ketchup to have your parathas with.

As a Condiment

I particularly enjoy murabba with simple kadhi & rice. It increases the flavour of whatever you are eating by two folds. Then, after that, you have a party of flavours on the tip of your tongue.😜

As a Dessert

Like I said above, both kids & adults save murabba to the eater later. They treat this sweetie like a dessert. We all have done this.

Taste & Texture of Murabba

There are several ingredients with varying flavours in this recipe. Of course, you will be getting a burst on your palate. That’s the whole point of making this sweet & spicy preserve. After all, we want to spice up our boring & plain meal. Don’t we?

The overall taste of the murabba will be spicy, tangy & sweet. A little more red chilli powder will give your taste buds a spicy kick every time you lick it. The chilli powder is also the reason behind the tempting and eye-catching colour of this murabba.

Not to mention what happens if you don’t add red chilli powder.

Mango Murabba with jaggery without sugar

Talking about the texture, it is similar to fruit jam. It’s thick, smooth, colourful & bulky. So in a way, murabba can be termed a desi version of fruit jam.

How to Store Mango Murabba?

Storing murabba is equally important similar to making it in the first place. You don’t want all your hard work to go in vain. The point here is the storage requirements. Hence, what is the optimal method to store murabba?

Ceramic jars (the ones with mustard & white colour) are the first choice for storage. On the other hand, it is a traditional style of storing murabba here in India. Refer to the image below.

ceramic jar for murabba

Glass containers are second preference after ceramic jars. Although both containers are preferred yet, ceramic is my personal choice. First, cover the container opening with white muslin or cotton cloth piece. Then after shut the container with a lid.

Doing this will keep the container free from moisture. Avoid plastic bottles even if it is of premium quality food grade. When you want to store murabba for a long time, plastic is not the ideal choice. Hence, skip plastic containers at all costs.