Eggless Banana Muffins are a quick vegan recipe. This sweet delight is good to have as a snack or at breakfast. You do not need any fancy ingredients to make this recipe.

These banana muffins are a healthy option to have. And it looks incredibly tempting to eat, especially for kids. But, speaking of kids, they always like to eat sweet dishes like chocolate cake, butter cookies, vanilla cupcakes, chocolate truffles, oreo ice cream, chocolate pudding, etc.

You can add these moist and fluffy muffins to the list as well.

What Can You Use As A Substitute?

White sugar is also okay instead of brown sugar, preferably powdered sugar. But it will be sweeter than brown sugar, so you need to adjust its amount as per the sweetness required.

You can replace butter with oil. But it is better not to. Butter is the perfect ingredient to make the batter smooth and react to leavening agents.

Nutmeg powder can be a substitute for cinnamon powder. Cinnamon powder is used in general while baking. We can replace all-purpose flour with baking flour or wheat flour.

Taste & Texture of Eggless Banana Muffins

The taste of these banana muffins is sweet and delightful. Just the way kids like it. Even the look will add to the attractive factor. But, even if kids love it, it doesn’t mean that adults cannot enjoy it. These are just as attractive and enjoyable for adults as they are for kids. They are also not too sweet, and most of the sweetness comes from bananas. Hence, the sweetness is natural.

If you have noticed, the batter is not too smooth. Instead, we are just mixing the ingredients properly and not getting soft. That is the reason the texture of the muffins will be a little harder and denser once they are done. It will be more like eating bread.

Hence, considering the sweetness, ingredients, and texture, this recipe comes under the muffins category and not cupcakes.

TR’s Extra Shots

  • Extra Fillings – You can add some chocolate chips or dry fruits, especially walnuts, to the muffins before baking them. It will make the muffins tastier and more enjoyable.
  • Aroma – If the smell is enhanced, the muffins will be more tempting. For that, you can add vanilla essence or powder. Or you can try other flavours like orange or lemon in the batter for more aroma.
  • Toothpick Testing – Test the muffins with the toothpick after baking them. If they do not stick, then they are ready. Otherwise, bake them some more.
  • Curd – The curd will replace the eggs in the recipe. It will make the muffins rich in texture and also help in leavening. (1/4 cup curd = 1 egg)
  • Tang – You can also add a little bit of orange extract or lemon juice for zest/tart.
  • Storage – Use an air-tight container or plastic wrap to store the muffins. They’ll last for a week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to preheat the oven?

Preheating the oven and reaching the required temperature before putting the tray is essential. It gets your leavening agent to react faster and your dish to cook and rise more quickly. If not preheated, the dish will cook at a lower temperature for the initial minutes, and it may affect the texture of the bake. Sometimes it may not create a problem, but this needs to be done most of the time.

What can I use instead of butter?

You can substitute butter with oil. Generally, ghee is also a substitute for butter. But we won’t advise you to add ghee to this recipe. It is because ghee cooks faster than butter/oil, and hence the muffins will turn brown from the outside and remain uncooked from the middle.

Can I use frozen bananas?

We won’t recommend using frozen bananas in muffins. The bananas must be soft before use. If you defrost the frozen bananas, they will be softer. Hence, the muffins will have more moisture because of that.

Do the bananas have to be smooth?

It is better if the bananas are soft while using them in the muffins’ batter. However, a few chunks of bananas will not be a problem if you prefer. Smooth bananas are preferable for the muffins, though.

Why are my muffins dry?

If you have overmixed the ingredients, then it can turn out dry. So only mix the dry and wet ingredients until mixed and not more than that. So it can prevent your muffins from drying up.

Can I put more bananas in the batter than what you have?

That will not be a smart move. More bananas can leave your muffins uncooked, especially in the centre. Hence, use only the amount shown here. Otherwise, your muffins may have a hard exterior and uncooked centre.

Why didn’t my banana muffins raise like yours?

Baking soda and baking powder are responsible for raising the muffins or cake in baking. The problem may arise when you have added more flour than required. If this happens, you need to add more baking soda and baking powder to the batter.

Can I replace all-purpose flour with oat flour?

Regular flour or whole wheat flour is replaceable with oat flour. So you have to measure it by the exact weight of the regular flour in the recipe. However, oats flour will be lighter in volume. Hence you cannot equal it by the volume of other flours. Or your muffins will not rise as high.

Is there a quick way to make banana muffins?

If you are short on time, add the mashed bananas and mix the ingredients. Next, add the powdered sugar and mix it with an electric beater. After that, sift all the remaining dry ingredients in the bananas. Also, add milk now, instead of curd. Mix them and beat again until you get a smooth texture. Lastly, add the dry fruits or choco chips if you use them. Then fill them up to 2/3 in the liners and bake.

Note: If you use lemon juice and vanilla essence/extract, then mix them before the sugar with bananas. And you can add cocoa powder a bit for flavour with the dry ingredients if you want. Skip nutmeg/cinnamon powder, then. Or use just a pinch.