Ice Cream Lassi is one of the most lavish versions of the simple sweet lassi. In this variation, ice cream dominates the flavours of the lassi. People prefer both lassi and ice cream during summer. So making this lassi will give the enjoyment of both the exotic food you crave.

Ice cream will uplift your mood. We can all agree on this point if we have eaten ice cream. Eating ice cream brings you comfort and makes you feel happy, but that is not all. Ice cream produces serotonin- the feel-good hormones- in your body that makes you feel good.

Next, eating ice cream will provide you with energy. It makes sense if we reflect on this. We feel energised shortly after consuming ice cream (sugar rush, anyone?) because it contains calories and carbs. If you want to reduce the guilt for eating this, add some honey instead of sugar to the lassi.

TR’s Extra Shots

  • You can experiment with any ice cream flavour in this recipe. So go ahead and treat yourself some.
  • Add rose water or similar essence to the drink for some aroma.
  • Kesar/saffron will also bring some nice colour and a feeling of exoticism.
  • Add dry fruits, nuts, or even chocolate chips to further spoil yourself with this.
  • Add a little bit of milk to reduce the thickness. Or use chilled water or ice cubes for the same.
  • You can add sweet goodies like sprinkles, jelly, whipped cream, tutti frutti, etc.
  • Syrup, if any flavour, can be used here instead of just chocolate or rose if that goes well in the recipe.
  • Even strawberry crush or fruit compote will be a great addition.
  • Or use strawberry pieces, banana, gulkand, or anything similar for more delightfulness.
  • To make this, you can use some custard powder mixed with milk and add it to yoghurt. It will provide thickness, flavour, and texture to the drink.

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