The watermelon sports drink is ideal for rejuvenating yourself after a workout session. This drink has all the essential nutrients to replace the electrolytes drained from your body during the workout. It is also called Gatorade.

Summer is getting too hot this year. And we are going to lose numerous nutrients, i.e. electrolytes, from our body due to profuse sweating. Especially sodium and potassium. Our body feels lethargic. Hence, we need a way to regain that energy.

Of course, water is the automatic choice for that. But it may not be enough to be alone. Therefore we need sports drinks to serve the purpose. And what is even better than a homemade drink?

Why Homemade Sports Drink?

Indeed there are several sports drinks available in the market. However, reasons are making this at home is better.

  • No artificial sugar or colours are added.
  • A homemade sports drink will give you complete control over the ingredients.
  • It will give you mental peace instead of worrying over the addition of any harmful ingredient.
  • You can alter the recipe as per your taste.
  • If you are allergic to any food, you can easily avoid making this at home.
  • Watermelon is excellent for fighting dehydration.
  • It will be flexible and customisable.
  • The recipe is easy and falls under the no-cook recipe category.
  • It is ideal for everyone, from adults to kids – even if you are not a sportsperson.

Is It Okay to Add A Sweetener?

People are obsessed with going sugar-free nowadays, specifically those on a diet or are extremely health conscious. While there are some negative impacts of having too much sugar in your body, it is also needed.

Sugar contains carbohydrate, which acts as an energy fuel for your body when consumed correctly. For example, it is necessary when you have been working out for more than an hour.

You can go without consuming carbohydrates in your body for a longer duration. But it will indeed affect your body’s performance. You won’t be able to perform to its optimum capacity.

Moreover, it is not a compulsion to use only sugar. The source of these carbohydrates can be anything. You can add them through fruit, sweetening agents, gels, brown rice syrup, or sugar starch. Honey will be the best to use here about its health benefits.

You can have as much flexibility as you need here – one of the main advantages of making this sports drink at home.

Why Have We Not Used Salt?

We have not used salt in the watermelon sports drink – you may wonder why.

First, we don’t lose the amount of salt that sportspeople lose.

We lose electrolytes after sweating from a workout session. Sodium is one of the nutrients of electrolytes. Sodium is directly proportionate to your blood pressure level. It also conducts nerve impulses, contracts and relaxes muscles in our body.

For the above reasons, sports drink contains a high amount of sodium in salt. Therefore, you may have wondered why commercial sports drinks taste so salty.

Because I have high blood pressure and so try to avoid salt.

Further, we usually do not need that high sodium because we lose less. Besides, it alters the drink’s taste, and one may not like it. If you want to add salt to the glass, you can. Just a pinch of salt will be enough.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Should we add sweetener if the watermelon is already sweet?

The sweetening agent enhances the taste here and balances carbohydrate concentration. A sports drink should contain 6-8 % of them, which watermelon alone cannot provide. Therefore, it is added.

Moreover, different sugar blends in sports drinks have resulted in optimal performance of the body. Therefore, commercial sports drinks do contain that blend. We are trying to imitate the same result here as well.

What are the best substitutes for sugar?

Some people’s bodies react poorly to sugar or sweetener. Hence, it is natural to substitute them with what may suit their systems.

Sweetening agents like honey or maple syrup are great substitutes. Or you can use any other sweetening agent available in the market. Remember to keep the ratio of glucose and fructose to 2:1. Fructose should be low in proportion. Brown rice syrup is preferred to maintain this ratio.

However, strictly refrain from using agave nectar as a sweetening agent because it contains high fructose. In addition, it can disturb the balance in the sports drink.

Is it okay to skip the sweetener altogether?

Yes, there is no harm in skipping the sweetening agent in the drink. But this only applies to certain situations if you are taking this drink for short workouts, long leisurely walks, or just for consuming this as a snack, etc. It means that your body is not losing too much energy and does not need carbohydrate refilling. In similar cases, it is okay not to add sweeteners.

How to make this more refreshing?

You can add several ingredients for that. Lemon juice is the go-to ingredient for freshness. However, you can add citrus fruits as well. Be sure to maintain the sugar level then. Mint is also excellent for adding more freshness. And not forget coconut water is also ideal.

What flavours can we make this drink with?

There is no limit to the flavours of these drinks. It could be a sole flavour from the primary fruit you are using, like watermelon, lemon, berries, orange, grape, etc. Or it can be a blend of flavours like fruit punch or coconut water with fruits. Even ginger water is an option to use here. Of course, add a pinch of salt as well.

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