Want to make this valentine’s day special for your partner? Here are 40 Valentine’s recipe ideas. Choose the one that you both can enjoy. The list includes delicious dessert treats, refreshing drinks, and chaats to make your valentine’s day memorable.

Without much ado, let’s check out the recipes to enjoy this valentine.

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Valentine’s Day Drink Recipes

Treat your better half with these awesome valentine’s day drink recipes.

1. Strawberry Drink


Strawberry Drink is a refreshing, sweet, dark red color recipe. A perfect drink for a couple.

Moreover, this strawberry drink increases your love. Serve it before dinner to set your valentine’s day on fire.

2. KitKat Milkshake

kitkat milkshake

Kitkat Milkshake is one of the best choices for valentine’s day.

Also, It’s sweet, chocolatey, and creamy milkshake that your lover will fall in love with.

Moreover, the taste is outrageous, and the milkshake is sure to include in the valentine recipes menu.

3. Nutella Milkshake

nutella milkshake

Nutella Milkshake is chocolatey, nutty, and sweet milkshake that your loved one will enjoy the most.

Also, it’s a yummy and tummy-filling milkshake.

Made with simple ingredients like Nutella, milk, and ice cubes. Enjoy such valentine recipes with your dear ones.

4. Watermelon Juice

watermelon juice

Watermelon Juice is a tasty, healthy, and refreshing drink sure to include in valentine recipes.

Also, Watermelon is good for skin too and has antioxidants to fight some diseases as well.

Besides, it’s the best way to show care to your loved ones making such incredible drinks.

5. Lemon Mint Drink

lemon mint juice

Lemon Mint Drink is a refreshing, cool drink to make your lover’s mood go crazy. The best conversation starter drink.

Made with lemon, mint and ice cubes. It’s groovy doze for you two to get crazy in love and sure to include in valentine recipes collection.

6. Gulkand Milkshake

gulkand milkshake

Gulkand Milkshake is a delicious and heart-melting milkshake recipe. Also, gulkand is an energy booster recipe.

They are made with Gulkand, rose, and sugar. The rose petals set the romantic mood between you two and an amazing milkshake recipe.

Besides, perfect valentine recipes that give a spark to your valentine’s evening.

Valentine’s Day Dessert Recipes

Make this sweet occasion even sweeter with these desserts

7. Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries are delicious, chocolatey, and one of the best valentine gifts for your loved ones.

Moreover, it’s creamy, mouth-watering, and easy to make.

Also, all the strawberries are a combination of white and dark chocolate garnished with some candy sparkles.

8. Chocolate Cupcakes


Chocolate cupcakes are a fantastic delicacy and sure to include in your valentine menu. These are cute little cupcakes with a chocolate cake base.

Also, various types of frosting decorations are done on the top of the cupcakes.

Moreover, one can use Cadbury chocolate or gems to elevate the taste.

9. Chocolate Cherry Cake

Chocolate Cherry Cake

Chocolate Cherry Cake is a delicious cake recipe that looks lovely. Of course, your loved one will be surprised to see such a cake at the dinner table.

Two of you can enjoy this delicious treat for candlelight dinner and enjoy the bites together.

Besides, the best valentine recipes to include in valentine recipes.

10. Creamy Red Velvet Trifle

Red Velvet Trifle

Creamy Red Velvet Trifle recipe is a dessert recipe to enjoy with your loved ones.

Also, it’s creamy, with a red velvet cake base, and serves in the small glass looks attractive.

Two of you can enjoy the bites together and share golden memories on a particular day.

11. No-Bake Bread Custard Pudding

Bread Custard Pudding

No-Bake Bread Custard Pudding is a dessert recipe to include in Valentine’s recipes.

Also, it’s a simple no-bake recipe, easy to make and impress your loved one on a special occasion.

Moreover, garnished with nuts and other dry fruits makes this irresistible.

12. Fortune Cookies

fortune cookies

Fortune Cookies are the best celebration of food for valentine’s day.

Also, it’s crispy, and the original concept is from the united states prepare with a hidden message inside the fortune cookies.

Besides, share love messages inside these lovely cookies. Serve with vanilla ice cream and drip some chocolate sauce.

13. Love Muffins

Valentine cake

Love Muffins is a delectable muffin for valentine recipes.

Also, it has a chocolate base cake with frosting cream.

Moreover, the look is beautiful and the best representation of love.

14. Shahi Tukra

Shahi Tukra

Shahi Tukra is a delectable and delicious dessert recipe. It’s royal bread pudding sure to include in valentine’s recipes menu.

Also, it’s a Mughlai dessert prepare with fried bread coated with sugar syrup and thickened milk garnish with dry fruits and rose petals.

15. Pineapple Cake

Pineapple Cake is tangy, creamy, and an enjoyable affair of Pineapple pack dessert.

Moreover, it binds you both in a sweet flavor affair and sure to include in valentine’s recipes.

Also, one can celebrate a special event with loved ones surprise each other with love feelings.

Valentine’s Day Snacks Recipes

Snacks that are easy on effort but can have a very lasting impression.

16. Deviled Eggs

deviled eggs

Deviled Eggs are scrumptious and straightforward recipes. Hard-boiled eggs cut into half. The yolk is mixed with mustard mayo.

Also, this is one attractive recipe that you can cook to entice your lover. Especially ladies are going to enjoy these small bites.

17. Korean Egg Roll

Korean Egg Roll

Korean Egg Roll is a Korean recipe prepare with Indian style. First, make the omelet and then roll it and cut it into a heart-shape.

Also, this is a perfect valentine recipe to make for your loved ones. Serve with tomato sauce and enjoy the night movie together.

18. Veg Bread Pizza

Veg Bread Pizza

Veg Bread Pizza is a delicious, cheesy, and tasty bread pizza. These are unusual choices for valentine’s recipes.

Moreover, Pizza is of bread slices and topped with Alfredo sauce taste so good.

Also, try this recipe together on a dinner table and enjoy the food fantasy.

19. Veg Noodle Soup

featured veg noodle

Veg Noodle Soup is a combination of Chinese taste and vegetables. It’s delicious, tangy, crunchy, and little spicy noodle soup. One can eat it or drink it.

Also, it’s a super cool recipe for valentine recipes. It’s the best recipe for maggie lovers and adds a spark to your romantic evening.

20. Chocolate Chicken Tikka

chocolate chicken tikka

Chocolate Chicken Tikka is a delicious dish. Made of soya sauce, chilly sauce, and cashew powder.

Moreover, it’s a rich appetizer dish that you can serve to your loved ones. This is a fusion and unique valentine recipe to surprise your lover.

21. Russian Salad

russian salad

Russian Salad is a delicious and tasty salad recipe perfect to start your valentine’s day.

Also, it’s creamy and tangy and full of fruit flavors. The greek yogurt and mayonnaise is the main charm of the dish.

Besides, include this delicious salad in your valentine recipes menu.

22. Egg In A Hole

Egg In A Hole Recipe - Easy Breakfast Recipe

Egg In A Hole is another fantastic breakfast recipe to start Valentine’s day with your loved ones.

Also, it tastes is super cool and looks so good. Serve with rose petals shape salad and make your morning lovely.

23. Fruit Chaat


Fruit Chaat is tangy and mixes fruit chaat recipe for a refreshing day.

Moreover, it comprises various fruits like apple, kiwi, banana, sweet lime, and guava.

Mixed with honey, chaat masala, and salt. The taste is delicious and best for valentine recipes.

24. Potato Spiral

Easy Spiral Potato Recipe

Potato Spiral is a fantastic street food recipe that is very popular right now.

Also, it’s crispy twisted on a stick and garnished with mayonnaise and salt and pepper.

Moreover, these are so delicious, and one can enjoy it in various flavors. Best valentine recipes for loved ones.

25. Oatmeal With Fruits For Breakfast

Oatmeal With Fruits

Oatmeal With Fruits is a pleasant and tangy breakfast recipe.

It’s delicious, tasty, and fruity with oats, honey, milk, and fruits.

Also, this one is a healthy recipe for valentine recipes to impress your loved ones.

26. Chatpata Corn Chaat


Chatpata Corn Chaat is a tangy and buttery chaat recipe to entice your girlfriend.

Moreover, it’s a delicious corn recipe that one can enjoy during the evening time.

Amazing valentine recipes to celebrate valentine’s day.

27. Mirchi Fritters


Mirchi Fritters are amazing girl-friendly fritters recipe.

A mouth-watering, spicy, and juicy fritters recipe to include on valentine’s day.

Also, the best way to enjoy long drives with such amazing treats gives a boost to the energy between both lovers.

28. Mini Chicken Puff Pizza

mini chicken puff pizza

Mini Chicken Puff Pizza is a quick appetizer for valentine’s recipes.

It is made with readymade puff pastry, chicken mince, and olives on the top.

Also, it’s incredible mini pizzas to win the heart of your lovers.

29. Grated Boiled Egg Sandwich

grated boiled egg sandwich

Grated Boiled Egg Sandwich is a delicious and eggy sandwich.

Prepare in the last moment and surprise your loved one with such a cheesy sandwich.

Also, it has minimum ingredients like grated egg, bread, cheese, and schezwan sauce.

Besides, the best valentine’s recipes collection to celebrate special occasions.

30. Twisted Chicken Puff Pastry

Twisted Chicken Puff Pastry

Twisted Chicken Puff Pastry is a snackable recipe to enjoy together on a special day.

It’s the elegant recipe to give you unique flavors of chicken, cheese, and herbs.

Also, you can prepare this twister in advance and refrigerate it for some days.

Besides, make such yummy treats and include in valentine’s recipes.

Valentine’s Day Main Course Recipes

Finally, something to fill the belly as well.

31. Spinach Alfredo Macaroni

spinach Alfredo macroni

Spinach Alfredo Macaroni is a delicious pasta recipe to try this valentine. Cheesy, creamy, and best for pasta lovers.

Moreover, make this amazing valentine recipe for your loved ones and garnish it with heart-shape capsicum to snatch their hearts.

32. Teriyaki Chicken Hearts

teriyaki chicken hearts

Teriyaki Chicken hearts are a fantastic valentine recipe. Make this for your loved one; this amazing sesame seeds sparkled and heart-shape chicken recipe.

Also, this teriyaki chicken sauce is cooked in Indian style, and originally, it’s from Japan culture.

33. Bread Manchurian

Bread Manchurian

Bread Manchurian is a Chinese recipe prepare with bread this time.

It’s a unique recipe that your loved ones will enjoy the most.

Moreover, made with simple home ingredients like bread, cornflour, and Chinese sauce.

Also, the best valentine’s recipe to celebrate Valentine’s day.

34. Pomfret Masala Gravy


Pomfret Masala Gravy is a fish recipe that is healthy and tasty at the same time.

Also, it’s a little spicy, tangy, and delicious fish recipe. Garnished with fresh coriander leaves makes the aroma super amazing.

Besides, best valentine recipes to include for your romantic dinner.

35. Goan Curry or Coconut Egg Curry

Goan egg curry

Goan Egg Curry is a delicious and tasty egg curry to include in your Valentine’s day dinner.

Also, it’s is a unique, tasty, and flavorsome recipe with coconut.

Besides, serve with loaves of bread or butter roti that is perfect and tummy-filling.

36. Palak Paneer Cheese Dosa

Palak Paneer Cheese Dosa

Palak Paneer Cheese Dosa is a delicious and unique Indian fusion recipe.

For the first time, dosa is making a difference serve with coconut chutney and filling with creamy paneer sabzi.

Moreover, entice your loved ones with such amazing valentine recipes.

37. Veg Quesadilla With Fruit Salsa

Quesadilla with fruit salsa

Veg Quesadilla With Fruit Salasa is a Mexican dish served with fruits. A perfect meal for a romantic dinner with some candles on the table.

Moreover, the tortillas are stuff with some vegetables like potato, carrots, garlic, and onion chopped, saute, and mixed with tomato sauce.

Also, this is best to include in valentine recipes.

38. Dry Fruit Kachori

Dry Fruit Kachori

Dry Fruit Kachori is a fantastic Gujarati recipe worth making and tasty. This dumpling filling is delicious.

It is made with grounded moong dal, dry fruits, and mixed with Indian spices.

Sure to include in valentine recipes.

After all, it’s rich and tasty for evening snacks.

39. Chicken Hakka Noodles

Hakka Noodles

Chicken Hakka Noodles is the best recipe to include in valentine’s dinner.

Also, it’s a Chinese recipe that is tasty, snackable, and mix with crunchy vegetables.

Made with noodles, chicken pieces, and vegetables. Best valentine recipes to celebrate valentine’s day for you two.

40. Kashmiri Rogan Josh

kashmiri rogan josh

Kashmiri Rogan Josh is a delectable lamb curry that you both can enjoy as valentine recipes. It’s tangy, spicy, and red hot serve best in dinner.

Also, it’s traditional, aromatic curry from Kashmir – the beautiful region of India.

Moreover, it’s a Persian dish that reflects richness in dinner.

Imagine Valentine’s day with your loved ones enjoying such amazing recipes together and again fall in love with each other. Prepare something special this time and make your love forever green.