Teriyaki Chicken hearts are an amazing Indian fusion recipe. A Japanese recipe with some Indian spicy tadka in teriyaki sauce.

The fusion works magically. It is sweet, tangy & yummy. You can truly surprise your loved one with this amazing recipe.

Hearts are a sign of love and chicken hearts just add the flavor of love to it. They look amazingly beautiful. This recipe will put a smile on their face and help you win their heart.

It’s an extraordinary take on making the chicken. Crispy fried chicken breast pieces dipped in homemade teriyaki sauce will just make you addicted to this recipe.

Teriyaki Chicken Recipe is a simple yet delectable recipe that will your take your taste buds to a new level.

To make it tastier and give it an Indian taste, we have added red chili flakes to it. You might have had many regular foods but this one is a perfect taste twister.

The blend of ginger, garlic, green chili, soya, castor sugar, and vinegar will give you a new taste. You can cut the chicken into your desired size and shape. We have cut it into the heart shape.

It is a valentine special recipe. Win the heart of your partner with this heavenly taste. It is a great party pleaser due to its shape and taste.

Mesmerize your guest with a unique taste. Kids are gonna love this as it has a super tangy taste. Be careful. Don’t add too much of chili flakes to it if you are making for kids.

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History and Origin of Teriyaki Sauce

Teriyaki is a Japanese cooking technique in which foods are boiled and grilled. Teriyaki sauce is expected to be originated from Hawaii by Japanese immigrants.

Apparently, we can’t find any official history of teriyaki sauce. It’s only the cooking method which the Japanese are following since the 17th century.

It is one of the amazing marinade sauce for chicken, meat, fish, and beef. It is sweet in taste and also can be served with rice.

The main ingredients of Teriyaki are brown sugar/castor sugar, cornstarch, garlic, mirin (rice wine) sake, soy sauce, and sugar. Being a Muslim, I have used vinegar instead of wine.