Gulkand milkshake is a heart cooling delicious treat for you & your family. It is a flavourful lovely milkshake to offer your loved ones.

Your kids are not going to refuse these, your friends are going to insist you every time they visit your house. The best thing about this milkshake is that it is very healthy and truly works as a heat killer.

A great body cooler during summer. It is an instant energy booster due to a high level of sugar content in Gulkand. It can be a perfect iftar recipe for Ramadan Iftar.

The texture is eye pleasing. Gulkand is made with Rose and Sugar. Mixed and kept for days to form Gulkand.

We have served this with some fresh rose petals on its top to make it look more beautiful. It is also a great mood swinger and thus can be included in your date night menus as well as romantic dinners

Gulkand has many health benefits. Some of the amazing health benefits are listed below:

  • It prevents you from sunburn in the summer season.
  • It is a home remedy for kid’s constipation.
  • It is cool in nature, therefore it gives you a cooling effect in your body.
  • It helps you release your mental stress and gives you relaxation.

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