Pomfret Masala Gravy is a delicious curry to enjoy in dinner. It’s thick, red color, spicy, sour curry that you will fall in love with. The texture is smooth and rich and extremely enticing.

One can include in the dinner menu when expecting a guest at home. It’s a tummy-filling, creamy recipe that goes well even on special occasions too.

Pomfret Masala Gravy is not only tasty but has health benefits too. The dish is very tasty and flavorsome. A mouth-watering dish for fish lovers.

The fish preparation is excellent that even the guest will also enjoy dinner at your house. You can it raw due to it’s yummy and spicy gravy. Also, the kids are going to enjoy this dish.

Moreover, it smells amazing and fantastic finger-licking. Made with simple ingredients like dhania powder, red chili, garam masala, and curd. The taste is super amazing and entices you with every bite.

Once every 2 weeks, you can have prepared this delicious recipe to dwell in the love of fish. One can pair it with rice or roti for an amazing combination.

Prepare Pomfret Masala Gravy for your loved ones and guest and enjoy the delicacy.

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