King Fish Shallow Fry is a mouth-melting fish recipe that will take you to the tour of heaven. It is the best appetizer for those who are seafood lovers. A healthy, proteinous, and delightful taste that will surely blow your mind.

Quick and easy to make and ready in less than 30 minutes. Require minimal ingredients readily available in our kitchen. Just marinate it for 15 minutes and ready to Fry.

I cooked this scrumptious recipe at our newly made kitchen at our office. My colleagues love it so much. The next day we prepared it at our home and my kids loved it very much too.

I was not a fish lover, but when I tried this dish at my friend’s home, I fall in love with it. King Fish comes in all sizes. The bigger the better as you can get more flesh.

Tastes best with just sprinkled lemon or pudhina chutney.