Aromatic Butter Chicken is a heavenly chicken recipe; creamy and flavor-packed cuisine from the Indian subcontinent. Butter Chicken is made with chicken, yogurt, and aromatic Indian spices to form curry sauce. Loved by people of all ages, especially youngsters.

You don’t need hours to cook this delicious recipe. It hardly takes an hour to make it. Can be a good choice if you are a working woman. Getting back from work and easily cook this delicious recipe. A great choice for gatherings, parties or candlelight dinner at home.

One of the famous Indian dish available in almost all non-veg restaurants in India. Name of Butter Chicken is enough to open up your hunger. The aroma of this recipe will pull you towards itself even when it is being cooked.

My sweetheart cooks Butter Chicken so well that you will eat your fingers too. HEavenly taste and the aroma. No other word less than Fantabulous would be enough for this. A sure-to-try recipe.