Chicken curry is an amazing gravy dish to treat yourself with spicy taste during your lunchtime. The curry is lip-smacking tasty with its tenderness that you can serve with roti, rice or naan.

The gravy will make you forget what’s around & its a truly amazing Indian taste for which you can long for. This is an amazing dish for loved by all ages.

We usually make this chicken curry on Sundays especially. We expect a lot of guests coming over a home on this day. One of my school friends last month visited my home after I guess 8 years. We met after so long & that what this meeting makes so special.

My wife cooked this tasty curry and served us. While eating the curry, my friend told me, “Some things never change.” And I smiled. I told him, “just like our friendship.” Food is something that really makes you go in the old days. That curry really got us more close.

Call out your old friends at home & give them the best bite of chicken curry. Share your old memories with us in the comment section.