One of the very famous dishes with this curry is Goan coconut egg curry. It is pretty famous among the tourists and locals as well! So this will be a delicious feast for you and your friends/family/loved ones. People of elderly age are pretty fond of this dish as well!

Goa sure is a place for enjoyment and chill time. At the same time, it is also home to many curries and gravies. Plenty of them is famous internationally as well! Coconut curry happens to be one of the famous curries of Goa.

With the tanginess and spiciness you expect from this feast and the sophisticated taste from south India, this curry sure will make your dish taste better! In addition, the spices make this dish even more aromatic and mouth-watering.

Goan egg curry is one of the best choices if you are in Goa and want to try a dish whose taste stays with you, or even at home if you’re going to try something new and tasty!

If you want to experience Goa’s authentic taste and get into Goa’s flavours, then you can experiment with the following spices famous in Goa. You can start with black peppercorn, fennel, star anise, nutmeg, and a little mace. Now, it is not necessary that everyone would like to add spices, but if you are open to experiments in your food, these spices can surely help you discover the treasures of taste!

Not just eggs, but you can use Goan curry with meat as well. It will surely add flavours to your usual feast. But that is a topic for another day. Let’s focus on the Goan egg curry for now. However, you can check out the following egg curries!

Other variations:

Every state of India or area of Goa has a different version of curry. Some people make curry with cashew nuts, almonds, and coconut. Tomato and cream is also a famous substitute/version of this curry.

Goa is not the only place in India with famous egg curries! Konkani and Mangalore’s Egg curries are also one of the most famous in south India. But you already know by now what makes the Goan curry different.

There are plenty of different ways to prepare Goan egg curry, which also include:

  • Surprisingly there is a dry egg recipe that does not have gravy
  • You can also add the eggs to the curry after it is cooked
  • If you do not let the egg scramble and be in pieces inside the gravy, you can make it taste a little different!
  • You can also break the egg in the soup ladle and dip the egg in the gravy to integrate the taste.
  • If you want to experiment with the dish, there are plenty of curries to mix and match the dish with. An example, Konkani, Mangalorean, other variations of Goan, and Hyderabadi
  • curries can help you explore the tastes you will surely like (Hyderabadi curry will surely add a royal taste to your dish)
  • If you are a fan of meat, you can also use these curries as the base of your favourite meat dishes.

One interesting fact about Goan egg curry is that it is also used as the base for other famous Goan dishes! Such as Shrimp curry, Moringa pod, and sorak as well.

Fun Fact:

The Portuguese introduced their ways of Indian cuisine and cooking methods. For once, the Portuguese introduced wine into Indian cuisine and cooking. They brought in plenty of vinegar varieties, and green chillies, corn, and cashews were also a highlight of their cuisine.

Even Goa’s famous tamarind-spiked vindaloo has ties to the colonial past. Indian and Portuguese cuisine has a lot of influence on each other. So next time you eat/cook Goan egg curry, you will also dive deeply into Goan-Portuguese culture and their ties.

Goa has its fair share of history with the Portuguese and their cuisine. You can also explore the colonial cuisine of Goa by adding some of their introduced ingredients. You will surely encounter something new!

The word curry originated from British colonialism. Portuguese have significantly impacted Indian cuisine and mixed with Indian cuisine. After the Portuguese, the British came, and they coined the term curry.

Goan egg curry will be the dish that takes the egg recipes you eat and usually make them to the next level—a perfect feast for the family, a celebration/ party, or a get-together. The dish will surely be the topic of discussion and will leave your guests licking their fingers.