Chocolate chicken tikka is a very succulent dish with a unique fusion of soya sauce, red chilly sauce & cashew powder. The chicken taste so much tender & juicy in every bite. The color looks fanatic – dark brown & so Irish.

This is a new version of tikka which can be served in the appetizer menu. The tikkas are really mesmerizing and you will be completely blown by its new age texture.

This recipe is especially for my readers who visit tasted recipes every day to get updates on chicken recipes. When I started this website in the last 2018, so many mothers mailed to thank for sharing such nice chicken recipes.

They always used to ask me, how do you make such non-veg items in a really nice way? And I totally gave this credit to my Ustad. I have mentioned also in my previous recipes that my inspiration for cooking will always be my Ustad forever in life.

This chocolate chicken tikkas recipes to all of you who have always appreciated my efforts. Surely, this dish is going to win your husband’s hearts.

Do let me know in the comments below how much did you like it.