Mini chicken puff pizza or Chicken Puff Pizzas are a quick and easy appetizer for Ramazan. Baked in less than 30 minutes. A great choice for iftar, tea-time snacks, parties, and day outs.

The colorful texture and the cheesy toppings will gather your kids nearby. They won’t leave the table until the last bite.

If you are looking for something new to make for your kids this Ramazan then these Mini Pizza can be a real kid-pleaser.

These Mini chicken puff pizza can be made priorly and refrigerated. Just before iftar take them out and put them directly into the oven. That’s it. These mini bite-sized pizzas with puff pastry make perfect iftar food.

Made with ready-made puff pastry and chicken mince cooked with ginger garlic and green chili. I have made it a little spicy as we eat less spicy food.

You can change the filling according to your taste. You can be creative and colorful with your toppings and get the whole family involved and just enjoy the cooking.