On such an auspicious day, let’s compile for you 40 Mahashivratri recipes to celebrate the festival of Lord Shiva. The Mahashivratri special recipe collection including vrat recipes, Indian sweets, and savory dishes.

Mahashivratri is an Indian festival celebrated in the devotion to Lord Shiva. People spend the entire day fasting and in the evening, they eat vrat recipes that are without salt. They worship Lord Shiva and the festival starts at night.

It comes in February or March according to the Hindu calendar. People cook amazing sweets and vrat recipes at home and enjoy the festival with family.

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What Kinds Of Recipes Are Cooked During Mahashivratri?

Generally, Indian families prepare traditional dishes for Mahahshivratri like Sabudana Khichdi, Kheer, Rajagara Paratha with some curd and green chutney. Also, sweet items like besan ladoos, barfi, halwa are also prepared at home using desi ghee.

Also, some savory items are also cooked during the festival days like bhajiya or fritters and some rock salt banana chips.

Tasted Recipes Special Mahashivratri Recipes collection

We have included three types of Mahashivratri recipes collection:

All these recipes are prepared with festival style and enjoy together with family.

Mahashivratri Vrat Recipes

Here are nine best Mahashivratri vrat recipes that are best for fasting. These are easy to make, tummy-filling and nutritious as well.

1. Vrat Ki Thali

vrat-ki-thali Source: www.vegetariantastebuds.com

Vrat Ki Thali is an easy recipe during the Mahahshivratri festival. When you are fasting, this thali will be the best choice to make at home.

Moreover, this thali includes rawa banana sabzi, farali kadhi, rajagara paratha, and singhara atta halwa. It’s a special vrat recipe to enjoy dinner.

2. Sabudana Khichdi

sabudana-khichdi Source: www.thegastronomicbong.com

Sabudana Khichdi is a popular vrat recipe for Mahashivratri. It’s a delicious meal, with ghee, peanuts, potatoes, coconut, and mild Indian spices.

Also, it’s healthy and full of fiber, carbohydrates, and other nutrients to enhance your energy level during fasting days.

3. Sweet Potato Cutlet

sweet-potato-cutlet Source: www.vegetariantastebuds.com

Sweet Potato Cutlet is a healthy and simple dish for Mahashivratri vrat.

Moreover, these are easy to make tikkis with spices like jeera powder, and amchur powder.

4. Kuttu Ki Kadhi

kuttu-kadhi Source: www.easycookingwithmolly.com

Kuttu Ki Kadhi is also called as vrat ke aloo. It’s quick to make with few home ingredients. Made with sweet potato, yogurt, and Indian spices.

Also, it’s famous, especially for Mahashivratri recipes. Gets ready in just 15 minutes and enjoy by everyone during the festive season.

5. Dhaniya Panjiri

dhaniya-panjiri Source: www.mintsrecipes.com

Dhaniya Panjiri is a popular recipe generally prepare during festive seasons. It’s rich aroma and taste and a pretty divine recipe.

Made with coriander seeds, coconut, almonds, ghee, sugar powder, and makhana.

Also, it’s a healthy recipe and sure to include in Mahashivratri recipes.

6. Vrat Ki Dahi Gujiya

vrat-dahi-gujiya Source: www.ruchiskitchen.com

Vrat Ki Dahi Gujiya is a mixture of dry fruits and coconut. A Perfect fasting recipe for Mahashivratri.

Moreover, these gujiya are gluten-free and bursting with flavor. Made with sama rice, Indian spices, yogurt, and green chutney.

One can top up with various ingredints like roasted spice powder. Easy to make with simple steps and sure to include in the festive food menu.

7. Roasted Phool Makhana

roasted-phool-makhana Source: www.asmallbite.com

Roasted Phool Makhana is a perfect snack during the festive season. It has high nutritional value and a good source of protein. When keeping fast, balance your energy with such an amazing snack recipe.

8. Raw Banana Chips

raw-banana-chips Source: www.indiankhana.net

Raw Banana Chips are the best snack recipe during vrat days. These are homemade chips and super easy to make and crispy.

Also, it’s great for quick snacking during fasting. One can use rock salt with it for Mahashivratri and keep it for days at home.

9. Farali Kadhi

farali-kadhi Source: www.werecipes.com

Farali Kadhi is easy to make kadhi during fasting days. Fasting has a lot of health benefits and when you eat such healthy food always adds benefits.

Moreover, during Indian festivals like Mahashivratri, Indian families prepare such traditional recipes. Made with potato, and peanut mixture.

Mahashivratri Savory Recipes

Popular Mahashivratri savory recipes to include in the festival season menu. These are deep-fried, easy to make and prepare for special occasions.

10. Elephant Foot Yam

Tasty tuesday Reecipes Elephant Foot Yam is a shallow fry and south Indian recipe. It’s simple and easy to make a snack.

Moreover, it will jam the best with tamarind soup. Crispy, deep-fried, and gets ready in just 15 minutes. Best choice for Mahashivratri recipes.

11. South Indian Style Fluffy Idly

Idly-848x477 South Indian Style Fluffy Idly is also one of the best choices for Mahashivratri recipes.

Also, it’s the best dish for snacking on festival days. Serve with any tamarind rasam or dal.

12. Corn Fritters

corn-fritters-tasted-recipes Corn Fritters are an amazing snack item during Indian festivals. It’s crispy, deep-fried, and scrumptious.

A perfect savory Mahashivratri dish to enjoy with family.

13. Onion Fritters

crispy-onion-rings Onion Fritters are an amazing snackable recipe that is crispy, deep-fried and enjoy in any Indian festival.

Also, this is a perfect Mahashivratri recipe and one of the best fun foods for Indians.

No matter whatever the festival, we Indians enjoy these recipes with full excitement.

14. Date Fritters

date fritters Date Fritters are also deep-fried snack items. It’s perfect Mahashivratri recipe and healthy too.

Moreover, this is a different kind of savory dish that tastes good and especially kids will love them the most.

15. Palak Fritters 

palak fritters Palak Fritters are enjoyable snack recipe and sure to include in Mahashivratri recipes collection.

Also, Family members join the jam together during this festival and enjoy these fritters with any type of chutney or tomato sauce.

16. Brinjal Fritters

brinjal fritters Brinjal Fritters are the best choice for snacks. These are crispy outside and soft from inside.

Moreover, it’s delicious and goes well with tomato sauce. During Mahashivratri festival, such kind of traditional Mahashivratri recipes goes well for evening snacks.

17. Surti Batata Puri

Deep Fried Foods Surti Batata Puri is a Gujarati snack recipe. Best savory recipe for the Mahashivratri festival.

Also, one can enjoy these potato fritters in evening snack with tea or coffee. It’s a famous dish especially in Surat, Gujarat and a daily on the go food for surtis.

18. Easy Corn Cutlet

corn cutlet Easy Corn Cutlet is a scrumptious, little spicy snack recipe. It’s simple to make and gets in ready in just 20 minutes.

Also, best choice for Mahashivratri recipes. Serve with tomato sauce and kill food hunger with your family members.

19. Mirchi Fritters

mirchi fritters Mirchi Fritters are a crispy, deep-fried, spicy and mouth-watering recipes. Enjoy such scrumptious recipes during the festive season with family and celebrate Mahashivratri.

Also, these fritters are tangy and spicy at the same that one can enjoy it the most with some onion salad.

20. Palak Bhajiya Chaat

palak bhajiya chaat Palak Bhajiya Chaat is a unique combination of palak fritters and chaat. It’s tangy, sweet and sour and little spicy fusion recipe.

During Mahashivratri, one can enjoy this recipe with loves ones. The garnishing is also very unique and loved by kids.

21. Mexican Samosa

mexican-samosa Mexican Samosa is a combination of an indo-Mexican recipe. It’s sweet, tangy and spicy samosa recipe.

Also, if you are looking for some tasty savory dishes, then Mexican Samosa does justice. Also, enjoy this recipe with your friends and family during Mahashivratri.

22. Dahi Batata Puri Chaat

dahi-batata-puri-chaat-tasted-recipes Dahi Batata Puri Chaat recipe is an amazing chaat recipe loved by Indians. When it comes to Mahashivratri celebrations, include such recipes to boost the joy.

Moreover, assemble Indian masala with mashed potato and serve with papdi.

23. Potato Spiral

Easy Spiral Potato Recipe Potato Spiral is a new way to represent potato. A kid-friendly recipe with amazing taste.

Also, the crunchiness and masala drizzle over it elevate the fun. Garnish with mayonnaise or any type of sauce and enjoy the recipe during Mahashivratri.

24. Surti Sev Khamani

Surti Sev Khamani Surti Sev Khamani is a famous surat’s snack recipe that one can enjoy during the festival season. Made from grounded chana dal & other ingredients like ginger, garlic, and green chilies.

Also, it’s the best mixture of sweet and sour and the garnishing with pomegranate and sev taste amazing. Perfect for Mahashivratri recipes.

Mahashivratri Indian Sweets Recipes

Here are amazing Indian sweet recipes for Mahashivratri. These recipes are classic, rich, creamy and prepare with desi ghee at home.

25. Rava Kesari

rava kesari Rava Kesari is also called as sooji ka halwa. It’s a colorful and popular dessert in India. One can prepare it on any special occasion and is best suitable for Mahashivratri recipes.

Also, the sweetness and richness of the dish are extraordinary and sure to include in religious festival celebrations sweets.

26. Methi Pak Ladoos

methi pak ladoos Methi Pak Ladoos are Indian traditional recipes specially prepared in the winter season. Also, one can prepare these ladoos during festivals too.

Also, the best recipes for Mahashivratri and has nutritional values as well. Made with methi, urad dal, besan, and wheat flour.

27. Khajur Pak

khajur pak Khajur Pak is another winter special recipe. It’s healthy, sweet, and perfect Mahashivratri recipes.

Made of rich dry fruits like almonds, cashew nuts, dates and poppy seeds.

Also, it’s good for heart health and it’s high in fiber.

28. Peanuts & Almond Ladoos

Peanut Almond Ladoos Peanuts and Almond Ladoos are Indian sweets and a healthy option too.

Also, these ladoos are perfect Mahashivratri recipes and healthy too due to peanuts and almonds.

Moreover, it contains protein and high fiber too. The best preparation for Indian festivals. Easy to make and also good for diabetic patients.

29. Besan Ladoos

Besan Ladoo Besan Ladoos are Gujarati sweet recipe and very popular among Indians. Made of gram flour, desi ghee, almonds, and aromatic spices.

Also, one can prepare it also as a prasad during Indian festivals and sure to include in Mahahshivrati recipes.

30. Shahi Tukra

Shahi Tukra Shahi Tukra is a traditional Mughlai dessert. Made with fried bread coated with sugar syrup and thickened milk. Garnish with rose petals and dry fruits.

Also, the name itself calls out for richness and creaminess. One can include in Mahashivratri recipes and enjoy the shahi taste with family.

31. Anjeer Gulkand Delight

anjeer-gulkand delight Anjeer Gulkand Delight is a special dessert recipe to make your festivals colorful and fun.

Also, it’s a delectable recipe with dry fruits like Anjeer and garnishes with Gulkand. It’s surely a shahi dessert recipe to include in Mahashivratri recipes collection.

32. Pidi Kozhukattai

pidi kozhukattai Pidi Kozhukattai is an Indian sweet recipe prepared during Indian festivals. It’s sweet in taste and popular in South India.

Made with rice flour, jaggery, moong dal, coconut, and desi homemade ghee.

Moreover, make your Mahashivratri special with such amazing sweet recipes.

33. Dudhi Ka Halwa

dudhi-ka-halwa Dudhi Ka Halwa is a traditional and nutritious sweet dish. Made with Dudhi and homemade desi ghee tastes like heaven.

Also, you can prepare this for Mahahshivratri recipes and enjoy the rich and creamy taste of this halwa dish.

34. Beetroot Halwa

Beetroot halwa Beetroot Halwa is a delicious and sweet recipe with amazing colors. It’s a stylish halwa recipe perfect for Mahashivratri recipes.

Moreover, one can enjoy this special beetroot halwa with some dry fruits over it. Made of beetroot, sugar, milk, cardamom powder, dry grapes, almonds, and homemade desi ghee.

35. Bread Jamun

bread jamun recipe Bread Jamun is a special and delightful dessert recipe to make during the festival season.

Made with breadcrumbs, milk, cardamom powder, rose syrup, and homemade ghee.

Also, it’s an Indian fusion recipe and sure to include in Mahashivratri recipes collection.

36. Rabdi

rabdi Source: www.rakshaskitchen.com

Rabdi is a popular North Indian sweet recipe. Made by boiling the milk at a low temperature.

In addition to it, add dry fruits and cardamom powder to add flavors in Rabdi. Prepare such amazing sweet recipes for Mahahshivratri and enjoy it with family.

37. Lapsi

lapsi Source: www.pipingpotcurry.com

Lapsi is a sweet halwa dish best to prepare during Indian festivals. One can prepare this in some minutes.

Made with roasted broken wheat and sweetened jaggery. Garnish with nuts and cardamom that tastes just amazing.

Moreover, it’s a flavorful Mahashivratri recipe to prepare at home.

38. Sabudana Kheer

sabudana-kheer Source: www.pipingpotcurry.com

Sabudana Kheer is a sweet dish and popular during Indian festivals. It is specially prepared during fasting festive season like Mahashivratri. Moreover, it’s vegetarian and gluten-free. Made of sabudana, milk, sugar, cardamom powder, nuts and raisins, and saffron. It’s rich and delicious sweet recipe gets ready in 30 minutes.

39. Gajar Halwa

gajar-halwa Source: www.myvegetarianroots.com

Gajar Halwa is a popular Indian sweet dish prepared during winter days. This delectable sweet dish is also good for the fasting festive season.

Also, it’s light and nutritious halwa recipe serve at most festivals like Mahashivratri. It’s a popular dish among adults and kids too.

Made of grated carrot, milk, sugar, ghee, khoya milk, cardamom powder, raisins, and saffron.

40. Pumpkin Halwa

pumpkin-halwa Source: www.carolinescooking.com

Pumpkin Halwa is an Indian dessert recipe. It’s easy to make, sweet, delicious and aromatic with cardamom flavor.

Also, one can enjoy the whole bowl altogether. It’s sweet and tangy at the same time. Made with grated pumpkin, desi ghee, milk, cardamom, and sugar.

Celebrate Mahashivratri with some amazing recipes to enjoy with family. These are super easy to make and healthy during fasting days.