Methi Pak Ladoos is a winter special recipe which helps your body get warm in winters and suitable for your overall health. A must try a recipe made with methi, urad dal, besan & wheat flour.

These Ladoos are very helpful to your joints pains during the winter season. It is a very nutritional recipe and falls under dietary foods as well. Methi is used in Indian families as an ayurvedic superfood.

It is also an Indian traditional authentic recipe that our grandparents are making for a long time. Basically, when you are away from your home, these Ladoos works for you as emotional nutrition too because your mother is making it with all her love and blessings for your health.

It is a great choice for cold problems during winter. Generally, it helps you with any type of viral infection too. It consists of nutrients like iron and magnesium that serve as an antioxidant.

Good women post-pregnancy as Methi increases the production of breast milk. The newborn gets very healthy too and mothers get strength in the body.

You can check out some really interesting benefits of Methi here.

Try these lovely Methi Pak Ladoos at home & let us know how much you loved in the comment section.