Here you can seize one of the ultimate favored evergreen South Indian Fluffy Idly. Before going to master let me tell you some uncanny facts about idly.

The true meaning of the idly is (ittu+avi-put +boil) in the Tamil language, but later it trimmed into idly.

Even though it is famous in south India still the origin of the Idly is a surprisingly puzzling thing. because still people claiming the origin of this good from Indonesia and some other groups demanding this from Karnataka and some from Tamilnadu.

Anyhow now the dish plays a major rule amongst the rest of the dishes in South its origin, the preparation method also a tricky one.

When you blend the ingredients properly with the correct proportion and time then you will get a soft, fluffy and white idly. Don’t worry it is not as difficult as you think. once you give little attention you will master it.