Tamarind Rasam is a charming  & healthy savory Indian style recipe. The texture exactly resembles soup, and it tastes like fresh sour and with the complex hodgepodge of pepper, garlic, cumin with mild spice.

It is an excellent healer for fever, cold and digestion problem.

In most Southern part of India, a complete meal will not fulfill without this goodie rasam.

There are several flavors and preparation methods are there. However, for all, this is the base method. Once you mastered this, you can try the other flavors like lemon, tomato, spinach, pineapple, and dal as well.

Tips: If you wish you can use boiled tomato & tamarind too. For that, just boil tamarinds and tomato for 3-4 minutes, allow it to cool then smash and the rest of the methods are same. avoid overboiling the rasam.