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These 31 light vegan recipes are going to make a drastic change in your life. The recipes collection is to fill your days with health goals & taste goals too. It helps you focus on your weight, it’s actually light and easy to digest.

Your eyes are going to love these extra flawing recipes.

As a bachelor man or working woman, you all have been solved with tasty & nice looking food that you ever dreamed off!

Even light vegan recipes can also give you fiber and protein for all day long.

You can also try 12 Vegan snacks for kids 

20 quick Snacks to prepare for minutes.

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1. Bang Bang Broccoli

Light Vegan Recipes

Source: www.rabbitandwolves.com

A comforting new era of food waiting for you!

2. Dry Fruit Kachori

Light Vegan Recipes

A Gujarati light snack for light days ahead.

3. Vegan Omelette

Light Vegan Recipes

Source: www.lovingitvegan.com

This is not what you think, but when you eat, it’s totally worth trying.

4. Bread Manchurian

Light Vegan Recipes

Easy, innovative & tempting Vegan Manchurian.

5. Thai Cucumber Salad 

Light Vegan Recipes

Source: www.budgetbytes.com

An Asian side perfect meal to cherish every season.

6. Medu Vada

Light Vegan Recipes

These miniature fluffy South Indian dish for a delightful meal.

7. Burrito Samosa 

Light Vegan Recipes

Source: www.biancazapatka.com

A Mexican filling wrap, gluten-free & has money worth glorious presentation.

8. Fruit Chaat

Light Vegan Recipes

Fruit lovers’ attention here. Try your hands on this charming & colorful fruit chaat.

9. Apple Cake

Light Vegan Recipes

Source: www.lovingitvegan.com

You will not miss this amazing apple pie cake for sure. It’s a silky smooth apple cake that you won’t ask for more.

10. Gujarati Bataka Vada

Light Vegan Recipes

Why Gujarati food is so wonderfully mouth-watering?

11. Avocado Cheesecake

Light Vegan Recipes

Source: www.coveteur.com

Wow! It’s jaw-droppingly good! The healthiest form of your Vegan eating.

12. Bombay Veg Sandwich 

Light Vegan Recipes

Your kids are going to admire these loving after school food.

13. Veg Noodle Soup

Light Vegan Recipes

A super 30-minute killer idea for instant hungry one.

14. Cauliflower Rice

Light Vegan Recipes

Source: www.kirbiecravings.com

Proven delicious substitute meal for instant hunger.

15. Veg Bread Pizza

Light Vegan Recipes

A lazy cook recipe to woo your tongue.

16. Lemon Rice 

Light Vegan Recipes

It’s a one-pot rice recipe -Tangy & quirky.

17. Grilled Zucchini Hummus Wrap

Light Vegan Recipes

Source: www.maebells.com

Perfectionist fresh veggie wrap on your way. Stay healthy!

18. Kuzhi Paniyaram

Light Vegan Recipes

The round shape gully bully Paniyaram is easy and light food for your next morning breakfast.

19. Chatpati Ribbon Noodle

Light Vegan Recipes

It’s a hearty noodle you never had & now you won’t be waiting.

20. Dahi Vada

Light Vegan Recipes

Sometimes we think, chaats came from heaven.

21. Pan fried Cinnamon Bananas 

Light Vegan Recipes

Source: www.dizzybusyandhungry.com

The perfect side for your vegan feast.

22. Sambar Rice

Light Vegan Recipes

Rice is the only meal when no plans working.

23. Onion Pakoda 

Light Vegan Recipes

We know it’s oily but who cares sometimes.

24. Potato FIngers

Light Vegan Recipes

Anytime! Anywhere!

25. Elephant Foot Yam

Light Vegan Recipes

It gives you a tender feeling.

26. Instant Jowar Dosa


Light Vegan Recipes

Here we scratch the ginny, and get instant Jowar Dosa. 

27. Pasta With Creamy Spinach Sauce 

Light Vegan Recipes

Source: www.theprettybee.com

New-season pasta with so much health aff!

28. Surti Bataka Puri

Light Vegan Recipes

You should never ask a Surti,” Why you are having Bataka Puri today also?”

29. Fluffy Idly 

Light Vegan Recipes

Idly or Dosa? Don’t ask a difficult question.

30. Boiled Potato Fry

Light Vegan Recipes

A bowl of goodness with no complains.

31. Gujarati Dhokla

Light Vegan Recipes

Food like a rocket missile going straight in your stomach. Boom!

That’s all folks. I hope you liked these whole bunch of goodness and bliss.

These are the ultimate light vegan recipes to help you not to hold hunger for so long.

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