We Indians love munching and always looking for some easy-to-digest and light foods for mid-day meals. Or else we don’t have enough time or aren’t in a mood to cook lunch or dinner.

So here are some ultra delicious snack recipes which take no more than 30 minutes to cook. You can enjoy these 20 snacks items with your tea or coffee or anything you like to drink & enjoy your day.

These 20 snack recipes will really make you swing free with no time efforts.

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1. Cauliflower Tots 

A simple crispy easy idea for you. Cauliflower tots just look amazing as well as tastiest. Check out the simpler method.

Quick Snacks

Source: www.gimmedelicious.com

2. Caramel Popcorn

I heard about caramel popcorn when I was at the movie theater. It was so amazing in taste & wondered to make it at home and enjoy a movie on my Ipad.

quick snacks

Source: www.munatycooking.com

3. Brown Butter & Ricotta Pancakes 

If it is served to you on Sunday morning snacks then how would you feel? Surely this pancake is “paint me foodie” kind of stuff.

quick snacks

Source: www.tarikasingh.com

4. Elephant Foot Yam

If you like deep fry and crispy chataka recipe then this foot yam will do justice to you!

quick snacks

5. Onion Pakoda 

Onion pakoda is India’s most loved food and can never go out of fashion. Yes or No Indians?

quick snacks

6. Bread Manchurian

This is for those who love to try new things and experiment fusion recipes.

quick snacks

7. Microwave Nachos 

Nachos are my midnight hunger saviors and I am sure yours too. When you can’t find anything ready in the fridge, when will Nachos help you out?

quick snacks

Source: www.tablespoon.com

8. Fluffy Omlete

Healthy and quick snack item you can always eat. It’s 15-minute easy recipe.

Fluffy Omelet

9. Potato Fingers

As Crispy Potato Finger contain a belly-filling, healthy and tasty recipe loved by people of all ages, especially children.

Crispy Potato Fingers

10. Peanut Butter Cheesecake Dip

It is a cheesy-creamy experience for the foodies. This is the most classy snacks I have ever seen. What a great combination! Try it.

quick snacks

Source: www.wholeandheavelyoven.com

11. Medu Vada

Medu vada is an Indian traditional snack item which is healthy & fluffy looking sometimes served as a side dish too.

quick snacks

12. Pocket Pizza 

Pocket pizza is heavenly stuffed with some really tasty ingredients. You can use any other fill up for the pockets though.

Pocket Pizza


13. Mirchi Bajji

These Bajji are perfect fried batter snack recipe you can make in some minutes. It’s a famous south Indian snack item.

quick snacks

Source: www.indianhealthyrecipes.com

14. Lemon Rice 

Lemon rice is multi-time eating food. You can have it in lunch and add some leftovers to your evening quick snack before cutting. So your tummy feels full & you easily avoid eating fast foods outside.

one-pot rice recipe

15. Gujarati Bataka Vada

Gujjus are just sweet and amazing like this recipe. I would say the best gift given to the world for making a delicious finger eating recipe.

quick snacks

16. Kurkure Aloo

Snacks can get as crispy as you want. And for crispy eaters, try this Kurkure Aloo.

quick snacks

Source: www.kabitaskitchen.com

17. Sweet Potato Fry 

We can say this recipe has been a gift from our grandmothers. Back in the 90s, they used to make a lot of recipes from a sweet potato for evening snacks & it will be nice to go back to such tasty recipes.

quick snacks

Source: www.krithiskitchen.blogpost.com 

18. Bread Pockets

Bread pockets are wonderful snacks and appetizer. You don’t need to be a pro for this recipe. It’s so easy even your 11 year old teen can make it.

quick snacks

19. Cheese Breadsticks 

It’s 3 ingredient cheesy recipe which is super cool idea for your snacks. Now you see snack as heaven.

quick snacks

Source: www.kirbiecravings.com

20. Vermicelli Upma Recipe

It is south Indian Snack which is enjoyed with some veggie crunch. A perfect light digestive recipe so you can enjoy your sizzling dinner too.

quick snacks

Enjoy these easy hunger killing mid-day snacks or you can say mid-night too. It’s going to taste lives forever.

Comment below if you have any queries or recommendation with recipes.