Bread Pockets are really simple and easy-to-make starters at home. A great choice for those who don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen. Great choice for iftar, kids lunch box or parties. I call it a no-fail recipe for beginners. Bread pockets are a wonderful snack and a great appetizer.

For this awesome recipe, you just need to make the filling of your choice ready along with sliced bread. The filling can be veg or non-veg. Cut off the edges of Bread slices. Flatten with using a rolling pin. Fill the pockets, dip in the egg, coat with breadcrumbs, fry and serve.

I have made the filling non-veg using chicken according to my taste you can use paneer and other veggies as per your taste. The precooked filling of chicken, veggies, and the cheese will mesmerize you. Loved by people of all ages especially children.