Pancakes are a flat cake cooked in a griddle or frying pan. It is one of the easiest, quick-to-make, and filling breakfast one can have.

Majority of people associated this food with Americans. But do you know that it was the Greeks that first made this? Presently, you are going to find many similar dishes of pancakes from all over the world. India let alone have multiple forms of pancakes like Assam’s pitha, South’s uttapam, Malpua in Eastern India, etc.

The shape of this dish will vary from place to place. In the U.K.,  it will be thinner and resemble a crepe which is of French origin. Whereas in America, it is typically thicker and fluffier.

The classic choice to have this pancake is with maple syrup. But you can also use any toppings or sauce to have it with. Honey, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, along chopped fruits are few popular ones to go with.

Sometimes you can make a potato pancake as well, using potato in the batter. And even buttermilk is also an option to use in making it. However, it will taste more like a tart than an actual pancake. These are common in Scotland.

It is a go-to recipe for the majority of Western-European people. Preparing it from scratch is so quick and straightforward that even a person with no cooking experience can ace this.

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