Sambar rice or Sambar Sadam is a traditional South Indian recipe. It is a delightful and healthy one-pot lunch box recipe. This nutrient-rich meal is a grand gain for growing kids.

It is an eye-catching yellowish dish with a complex fuse of dal, rice, and other ingredients. It is quite tough to identify the ingredients by just seeing it because all the stuff well mingled together which gives you an ultimate taste.

You can prepare this with any kind of dal. Here I used the combo of moong dal and toor dal. It entirely depends upon your choice either you can use a single or combo of dals.

There are plenty of methods are there to prepare this porridge. I have prepared some vegetables but if you wish you can go without vegetables too.

Both taste good. In this sambar rice, I have used potato, beetroot, and carrot. Drumsticks can also be added for better taste.