We all like twist with regular recipes.  You have come to a dreamland with such beautiful looking drink recipes.

These 10 outrageous ideas for Indian fusion drink is going to hit the milestone.

You will be amazed at such cool ideas for drinks that you can enjoy with your friends or relatives at home. We believe at home most of the experiments work great because you make it with some fun and love.

Indian fusion recipes work great. You have plenty of flavors to mix and match and get out refreshment drinks. In this blog, you will see how the drinks get Indian touch.

The drinks have some amazing flavors like desi Paan, Raspberry, Thandai, Rabdi and check out more scrolling down.

Cooldown yourself and give enjoy these amazing Indian fusion drinks at home.

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1. Copycat Starbucks Matcha Espresso Fusion

Indian Fusion Drinks

Source: www.cookingwithjanica.com

It is a layered Matcha drink that you will instantly fall in love with. It has been dramatizing with matcha mix, then vanilla beans drink, coconut milk & top layer is espresso shot. Don’t forget to take a picture and put it on Instagram. This one will be really fun.

2. Jackfruit With Oats Smoothie

Indian Fusion Drinks

Source: www.happietrio.com

Jackfruit & oats will make a good start for your busy morning. This will fill your tummy with nutrients. No-one has really done such fusion & besides the fact that Jackfruit is the source of protein as it is the replacement of meat. Are you going to try it?

3. Motichoor Golgappe With Basundi Shots

Indian Fusion Drinks

Source: www.foodfood.com

And it’s just wow! What heroic entry on your table. Never think it’s impossible because some mix & match are really unexplainable. I rest my case with putting the recipe here. Check out now!

4. Watermelon Mint & Lime Slushie

Indian Fusion Drinks

Source: www.jollyhomemaderecipes.com

Introducing you watermelon mint & lime slushie to you before you cancel your Mocktail party at home. Using only four ingredients and with no added sugar, this is surely a ladies drink.

5. Gulkand Strawberry Milkshake

Indian Fusion Drinks

Source: www.rushiskitchen.com

Very fresh, sweet, subtle taste, natural and light milkshake for any time in the year. It can be your momma’s drink or a treat to your sister. How about the idea?

6. Thandai Rabdi

Indian Fusion Drinks

Source: www.firsttimercook.com

Diwali is actually near and what can be a better drink than this. Guest will be coming from so far to wish you a happy new year. So make their year counts as new too with a new experiment at home.

7. Krupatti Coffee

Indian Fusion Drinks

Source: www.happietrio.com

Krupatti Coffee is one of the healthiest forms of coffee. All the coffee lovers must try this unique fusion recipe. It is a popular drink in Tamil Nadu. It is an evening drink with your 5.00 pm snacks. You will not believe the chef has added palm jaggery in it which makes it the healthiest coffee on this planet.

8. Raspberry Shikanji

Indian Fusion Drinks

Source: www.cookilicious.com

So Indian loves spiced things and this is how the drink will satisfy you. This is fusion drink with complete health benefits. This shikanji is spiced lemonade flavor added with lots of healthy ingredients like jaggery, cumin powder, mint, basil, ginger and lime juice. This is perfect fusion to try in your dietary.

9. Paan Milkshake

Indian Fusion Drinks

Source: www.cookwithmanali.com

Having Paan flavor with ice cream & desserts is being done since long. Now enjoy this fusion Paan milkshake. This milkshake will refresh your guest and refresh the meeting as well. The flavor is really awesome because it has been made with a twist.

10. Firni Falooda Trifles

Indian Fusion Drinks

Source: www.aapplemint.com

Just see the colors and it will be aromatic tasty Falooda you will ever have. It is a little heavy but a worth having Falooda. Indian loves such kind of fusion because it gives a very personal touch to your warm welcome with a guest.

Try all flavors and you will get goosebumps. These 10 fusion drinks are ultimate guest welcome drinks & get you amazing flavors at home. You shall be getting mere fandoms between your ladies and family.

Cheers to your upcoming food adventure and do not forget to share & comment on this blog with your favorite drink on your list.

Indian Fusion Drinks