Saffron chicken tikka is a unique recipe in taste. The tikkas are just so perfect & tender cooked in soaked saffron and the fascinating aroma of saffron. It is easy on the stomach & one of the healthiest tikka you have in the array of appetizers.

A perfect starter to start dinner on a healthy note. When we made it home, we were astonished by the taste. I can say it is one of my favourite items after chicken lollipop.

During Ramadan days, we all make many desserts that include saffron. It is magic spices that we have in our country. You can make n number of dishes. But with chicken, we tried it for the first time.

The Saffron chicken tikka is very healthy for two main reasons. One is that the chicken here we used is a low-fat breast chicken cubes. And second, Saffron is very good for your mental health & as well as for your skin.

Make this mouth-watering & fusion recipe at home and let us know about your experience.