Hara bhara chicken tikka is a mouth-watering appetizer to serve at your parties. It is an exotic dish with spices & tanginess of coriander, mint & lemon. People also call this recipe Hariyali Chicken Tikka because of its colour.

It refreshes your mood with its chataka taste & especially loved by kids. The color looks so appetizing and has marvelous taste. Coriander & mint together makes this recipe light & easy on the stomach.

Even after taking more than 5 bites, you won’t feel heavy. It is a ground-breaking recipe in all chicken appetizers.

You can serve Hara bhara tikka at a house party or on a special occasion. The salad also tastes so good with this dish. You can put shredded cabbage beside the tikkas and enjoy the real hariyali dish.

My small kid loves these tikkas the most. She demands every Sunday to make it. It is healthy as well & light on the stomach. I never have to worry if she eats a little more of it. The way she makes faces while eating these tikkas is worth everything to me.

Serving Suggestions

There can be numerous ways to serve this dish. You can either have this as it is for a starter with a dip, chutney, or tomato ketchup. It will also taste good to have salad along with it.

If not, then you can serve this with biryani as a side, or with curry as well. You can make gravy with these tikkas using the same base/paste of the marination and adding cream/yogurt and spices (similar to butter chicken). Then you can enjoy this with roti or rice.

Tips For Hara Bhara Chicken Tikka

  • We are using cashew powder in this recipe. This locks the moisture in the tikka. You can use almond powder or peanut powder for that as well.
  • This recipe will have medium spice. You can adjust that as per your taste.
  • Some recipes have curd or cream as ingredients. You can add either of them if you like. But then you have to adjust other spices as well.
  • Any other spice mix powder available for this dish is okay to add.
  • You can use a barbeque pit, grill, oven, or even a simple pan to make this dish. If you are grilling/barbequing them then brush melted butter on them.
  • If you have extra green paste left, add curd, sour cream, or mayonnaise (along with some more spices if you want to make a dip) for this. Or just make chutney separately.
  • You can also use skewers to cook these tikkas. Or it is also an option to bake them.
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