Tandoori Chicken Tikka is a delectable appetizer or starter dish. It has gained most love from all ages in Indian cuisine. It has a prolific taste. A bit spicy, tangy & completely dressed in authentic taste.

You can present tikkas in two different ways. I am giving you a tandoori tikka recipe without skewers.

One day early in the morning I and my friends decided to visit Hatta, UAE. We were living in Dubai. We all decided to give a good Saturday break. Early in the morning, we left our house. I was so inspired by the scene all around. I decided to have a barbeque at the lakeside.

Late in the evening, around 7 pm, we started making Tandoori chicken tikkas. It was all dark and we were making this delicious dish in the middle of the lake and mountains. The feeling was quite different.

The tikkas were so tasty and the chicken was tendered very nicely. I came back to India and shared the hilarious story of our Hatta trip to my wife.

The next Sunday she decided to make Tandoori Chicken tikkas at home without skewers. It was as delicious as before.