Crispy Chicken Sticks are yet another variety of kebabs with a mild, creamy taste that will surely blow your mind. Made with boneless chicken, fresh cream, cashew powder, ginger garlic paste, greek yogurt, lemon, breadcrumbs, and eggs.

In Ramadan, we need a variety of different starters and dinner food ideas for iftar. You can try this super easy, delicious and scrumptious chicken sticks that are made with simple ingredients available at home.

These fried chicken skewers are a great snack for kitty parties, gatherings, and iftar parties. You can try the same recipe with paneer instead of boneless chicken as a veg version of this dish.

We all love this chicken stick so much that this dish is made often at our home apart from Ramadan. In Ramadan there are always new dishes every day. Muslim women prepare a list prior to Ramadan for the whole Ramadan.