Paan shots are summer coolers and delicious homemade recipes. It’s rich, flavorful, and unique taste. This Paan shot is made from Kapoori Paan and it is pureed with water.

The drink has a hint of every kind of taste: it’s sweet, bitter, minty, lemony, and astringent. To make these shots extra delicious, I have used Gulkand in it to create royal taste. Apart from that, shredded coconut, powdered sugar, milk, and green color used to make it extravagant.

Also, one can use sugar or rose syrup instead of Gulkand. Use frozen Gulkand when you make these shots. It’s refreshing and one can serve it when guests visit the house. Especially, the elders like paan flavor a lot because it’s an old tradition in India with Paan. Even if you are calling families at home for Dawaat, serve paan shots at the end of the dinner meal to make happy faces at home.

Moreover, the paan shots are mouth-watering experience and a perfect combination of Gulkand, paan, and ice cream. It melts in your mouth and tickles your tastebuds. So, enjoy this dessert shots and after meal exciting glassful.

These paan shots are easy to make and all you need is a blender, some paan leaves, and other ingredients to enhance the flavor and taste of the drink. If you don’t want to chill and drink it instantly, serve with ice cubes and enjoy the drink with your friends and family.

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