Crispy Methi Muthiya with homemade sauce is a Gujarati snack recipe with a twist. Prepare Methi Muthiya in a traditional way and top over the homemade sauce that adds extra flavor to the whole dish.

These Muthiya are soft inside and treat best in the winter season. The taste is little spicy, sweet and tangy due to sauce.

These are irritable dumplings prepare with methi, flour, and Indian spices like red chili powder, green chili and ginger paste, and turmeric powder.

These are easy to make and anybody can make this. If you are living as a bachelor or trying to make something for the guest, this recipe is an easy way out.

Moreover, methi (fenugreek) has many health benefits too. It contains a good amount of fiber, minerals like iron and magnesium. It helps in blood sugar control, best for diabetic patients.

Also, adults and children will also enjoy this dish because of its sauce prepare with such a nice tangy flavor.

In the end, when you garnish with grated cheese, adds a creamy layer in the mouth. Try this dish and enjoy the dish with your loved ones.

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