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Radish is an edible root vegetable that is native to Asia. It belongs to the family Brassicaceae. They are mostly eaten raw as a crunchy salad vegetable with bite.  You can find different types of radish-like green Radish, black Radish, daikon, oilseed radish, and Wild Radish.

It is highly nutritious and is rich in Vitamin C. The annual world production of radishes to be about 7 million tonnes, produced mainly by China, Japan, and South Korea, and representing roughly 2% of global vegetable production.

Commonly Known as

Language Name Written as
Hindi moolee मूली
Arabic alfajl الفجل
Bengali Mūlā মূলা
Gujarati Mūḷō મૂળો
Kannada Mūlaṅgi ಮೂಲಂಗಿ
Malayalam muḷḷaṅki മുള്ളങ്കി
Marathi Muḷā मुळा
Punjabi Mūlī ਮੂਲੀ
Tamil Muḷḷaṅki முள்ளங்கி
Telugu Mullaṅgi ముల్లంగి


Good For Treating Jaundice

Radish and its leaves have a powerful detoxifying effect and help to eliminate toxins and blood and thus help to purify the blood. It helps to remove bilirubin and even regulates its production. Therefore, it is a natural detox for jaundice.

Relief From Osteoarthritis

They are very high in vitamin C that acts against the free radicals in our body and prevents any damage to body cartilage. It also helps with the formation of collagen, the substance which makes up the cartilages in our body.

Fighting Cancer

Vitamin C, folic acid, and anthocyanins are present in them that are high antioxidants. So including them in your diet will help you fight different strands of cancer like colon, stomach, intestinal, oral, and kidney cancers.

Help With Weight Loss

They are low in digestible carbohydrates, high in roughage, and contain a lot of water. The fiber content also makes you feel fuller and will prevent you from consuming more and thus helping you with weight loss.

Helps Treating Respiratory Problems

Radishes help with irritation of the nose, throat, windpipe, and lungs as they contain anti-congestive properties.  As it is a rich source of vitamins, it helps in protecting the respiratory system from infections.

Increases Immunity

The rich content of vitamin C in Radish makes it a great food to include in your everyday diet for increasing your immunity. It regulates body metabolism and helps in the formation of collagen that strengthens blood vessel walls and prevents various cardiovascular diseases.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it bad if you eat too much Radish?

Radishes are generally safe to consume. But you should not go overboard with eating if you have thyroid problems.

Why is Radish spicy?

Because of glucosinolates and the enzyme myrosinase present in Radish, which combines when chewed to form allyl isothiocyanates, it gives Radish a spicy and peppery flavor.

Is it safe to eat a them raw?

Absolutely. They are eaten raw most of the time and not cooked much before eating.

Can Radish cause gastric troubles?

Radish is rich in soluble fiber, which doesn’t break down until reaching the small intestine and can also cause gas.