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Ajwain is also known as Ajowan Caraway or carom seeds. Both seeds and the plant is consumed by human. It’s one of the vital spices in the Indian kitchen to create a strong smell in the food.

Ajwain is brown and has a bitter taste. They look like cumin seeds but their taste is quite different.

Also, Ajwain has many health benefits as it helps killing worms inside the stomach. Moreover, Ajwain is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Commonly known as

Language Name Written As
Hindi Ajwain अज़वाइन
Gujarati Ajma અજમા
Marathi Ova ओवा
Malayalam Ayamodakom അയമോദകം
Tamil Omam ஓமம்
Urdu Ajwain اجوائن
Telugu Vamu వాము
Arabic Ajwan كمون الملوكي
Bengali Jowan জোয়ান
French Ajowan Ajowan


Benefits of having Ajwain

Regulate cholesterol

In rat studies, it is shown that Ajwain powder reduced liver cholesterol content. It can achieve this by reducing soluble protein that transparent the fat in the blood.


Relieve Inflammation

Ajwain contains vital antioxidants like terpenes, glycosides, and sterols. All these have anti-inflammatory properties.


Prevent from cough

A study has been on asthmatic patients that Ajwain increases airflow to the lungs. This may help in treating cough. Also, it can help to treat common cold problems.


Prevent kidney stones

Ajwain may prevent oxalate deposition. And it can cut the risk of developing kidney stones. Moreover, Ajwain is used to function the kidney better.


Aid digestion

Ajwain can increase gastric acid secretions and helps enhances digestion.


Manages blood pressure

Ajwain contains thymol in it that helps manages blood pressure. Also, it has a calcium-channel blocking effect. This prevents calcium from entering into heart cells and lowers blood pressure.


Side effects

Consuming Ajwain does not have any side effects. However, over-consumption can create some problems like:

Stomach ulcer, Heartburns, liver problems or problems during pregnancy as well.

Frequently Asked Questions of Ajwain

What is the substitute of Ajwain?

You can use thyme seeds instead of Ajwain.

Does Ajwain promote hair growth?

There is very little research done on it. But some home remedies suggest that it may strengthen the hair.

Is it good to eat Ajwain every day?

Eat Ajwain in the morning in a spoon size every day. It can benefit from an easy stomach operation.

Is Ajwain good for skin?

Ajwain act as fungicide & germicide. It can be applied to the skin. If you have any injury, apply Ajwain on it and it may relieve you.


Can Ajwain reduce belly fat?

According to Nidhi Sawhney, a nutritionist suggests that Ajwain helps in digestion & absorption of food. Due to less storage, it automatically helps loose weight.