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Cardamom is also called as Cardamum or Elaichi, one of the seven most essential spices and queen of spices. It’s in the form of seeds, whole pods or ground too. It is widely used in Indian, Arabic, Swedish, and Middle Eastern cuisines.

Cardamom has a unique taste. It’s spicy-sweet taste and aromatic. Also, it’s one of the expensive spice, among others. The ground form cardamom is available in the stores.

Moreover, one can use it in sweet as well as savory dishes. It enhances the taste of the recipes and also added to Garam Masala. One can use it in chicken dishes, Tea, or coffee too.

Commonly known in India as …


Cardamom is a spice – made from seed pods of various plants of the ginger family. One can use the entire Cardamom pod to add flavors or only grounded seeds. These are small in size and having black seed pods.

Language Name Written As
Hindi ilaayachee इलायची
Gujarati Ilāyacī ઇલાયચી
Kannada Ēlakki ಏಲಕ್ಕಿ
Marathi Vēlacī वेलची
Tamil Ēlakkāy ஏலக்காய்
Telugu Yālakulu యాలకులు
Urdu Elachi الائچی
Arabic huba alhal حب الهال
Bengali Ēlāca এলাচ
Malayalam ēlaṁ ഏലം

Types Of Cardamom

There are two types of Cardamom: Black Cardamom and Green Cardamom. The Green Cardamom has a delicate aroma, while the black ones are strong and smoky.

Cardamom is best with pods. Once they are discarded, they lose their intense flavor. And the grounded Cardamom also has less flavor and freshness. To add aromatic feeling in your food, prefer using still in pods Cardamom and discard it fresh and add in dishes.

Green Cardamom is used in both sweet and savory dishes. Also, added in milk-based preparations, and hot beverages, whereas black Cardamom is only used in savory dishes like curries or biryanis. Besides, it is an essential ingredient in Garam Masala.

Nutritional Profile of Cardamom

Nutritional profile per 100 gms

  • Calories: 311
  • Protein: 11g
  • Carbohydrate: 68g
  • Fiber: 28g
  • Fat: 7g
  • Sodium: 18mg
  • Potassium: 1.119mg

Source: USDA & Google

Health Benefits of Cardamom

Helps In Reducing Blood Pressure

Due to its antioxidants and diuretic properties, it helps in reducing the blood pressure.


Fight Against Cancer

Cardamom is rich in compounds as it helps protect cells from damage. It may fight against inflammation.


Help with Digestive System

Cardamom protects your body against digestion problems. It reduces the number of ulcers in the stomach.


Treat Bad Breath

Cardamom is used to treat bad breath and also kills mouth bacteria and prevent cavities.

Side Effects Of Cardamom

May hamper If Consumed During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, do not use strong aromatic spices in food as it may inhibit the stomach with too many strong flavors of spices.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cardamom good for?

Cardamom is an essential spice used in many cuisines and hot beverages. It enhances the taste and adds flavors and aroma to the dishes. In foreign countries, they use Green Cardamom in desserts too.

What happens when you eat Cardamom every day?

Eating Cardamom every day as a mouth freshener for treating bad breath. And even added in tea or coffee enhances the taste.

Why is Cardamom so expensive?

The only reason why Cardamom is expensive because one has to harvest it with hands. So. it’s quite a labor-intensive job.

What is the flavor or Cardamom?

Black Cardamom is strong and spicy in flavor used in curries and biryani. Whereas Green Cardamom is more abundant in taste, therefore, added in milk-based preparations and desserts.

Is Cardamom good for weight loss?

According to studies, women have tended to lose weight drinking cardamom water. They found a slight difference on the waist side. However, nothing is confirmed yet.


Where Is Cardamom found in India?

Cardamom is found in Kerala, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu.

Is Cardamom a Cinnamon?

Cardamom is different than Cinnamon, and both are not the same.

What is another name for Cardamom?

Cardamom is also called as Cardamum, and in Hindi, it is called as Elaichi.

How To Select Best Cardamom?

Always choose Cardamom that is still in pods or ground form. If you have Cardamom at home and still in pods, discard the seed and ground it on the spot. It will always be fresh in taste and flavor.

Where Is Cardamom Used In Recipes?

One can use Cardamom in various dishes like Chicken, Tea, Coffee, Meat, Rice, Squash, Curries, and Lentils.

How To Do Cooking With Cardamom?

Use Cardamom powder by discarding from pods and straight away add in your dishes. Or toast the whole Cardamom and cool it for 5 minutes. Then discard seed from the pod and store in an airtight container to use in tea or coffee.

How To Store Cardamom?

To store black cardamom, one can put it in a cool or dry place. In the case of Green Cardamom, it loses it’s flavor once discarded from the pod. So. use it as soon as possible.