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All-purpose flour is also called Maida. It is extracted from wheat only & milled from the hard red wheat. It is suitable for baked items like bread, pizza, cake, cookies, muffins, and a lot more.

Also, it is called refined flour. It is a very common flour in Indian cooking and used everywhere in the world. It has a white color and a powdery form. You can store in cool, dark, or dry places. It’s creamy powder and grainy.

Commonly Known As

Language Name Written As
Hindi Maida मैदा
Gujarati Mendo મેંદો
Marathi Pīṭha पीठ
Malayalam māv മാവ്
Tamil Māvu மாவு
Arabic tahin طحين
Bengali Maẏadā ময়দা
French Farine Farine

Nutritional Profile of All-purpose Flour

Nutritional profile per 100 gms

  • Calories: 364
  • Protein: 10g
  • Carbohydrate: 76g
  • Fiber: 2.7g
  • Fat: 1g
  • Sodium: 2mg
  • Potassium: 107mg

Source: USDA & Google

Side Effects

Leads weight gain

It is proved that All-purpose flour or Maida is not good for health. It cannot make you full for longer and stimulates more hunger. Also, it’s high in carbohydrates and increases the secretion of insulin that leads to weight gain.

Dangerous for a pregnant lady

Maida is a chemical called sodium meta bisulfate and benzoic that is harmful to pregnant ladies and even kids too.

Cause digestion issue

The process to make Maida loses all its vitamins and nutrients. Also, the bleaching process is harmful to the gut.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is all-purpose flour atta?

No, atta is wheat flour and all-purpose flour is maida. Though both are made from wheat, in India, atta is considered to be a more healthier choice than maida.

Does all-purpose flour contain baking powder?

No, it does not contain baking powder.

Why maida is called all-purpose flour in English?

All-purpose means anything that can be used to make anything and everything. Maida fits rightly into making everything like pizza, muffins, cake, cookies, chips, chapati, and a lot more. So it is named such a name in English.