Green moong ladoo is healthy, and there’s no second thought about it. Period.

The reason why I am telling them healthy is substantial. First, there’s no sugar in it. They are sugar-free. Second, they are made using only green gram, aka green moong flour. Third, it contains nuts.

Now, what else do you need to convince yourself of eating them? Okay, before getting into the ingredients & process, let’s check out exciting details about these ladoos.

Green Moong Ladoo – How do they taste?

A majority of people don’t like moong. Yeah, it is true. My family members find excuses not to eat the moong dal. The day I make moong dal, they all go on a diet.🤓

Green moong ladoo is the best way to tackle this problem.

My kids don’t like moong. How will they eat green moong ladoo?

The problem here is not the green moong. It’s the taste. Therefore, you should ask how the green moong ladoo taste is.

In a word – Awesome. Believe me; these ladoos taste delicious no less than other ladoos. Along with ghee & nuts, the jaggery will make you fall in love with this healthy sweet.

On top of it, the roasted green gram flour adds a nutty flavour. The sweetness of the jaggery will help you gulp down the ladoo. All in all, these ladoos are a sweet, sweet affair. Do try them.

Let’s move on to the ingredient list.

What Will Need For Green Moong Ladoo?

It takes only five items to make moong dal ladoos: Yup, just five. Read further to know what exactly & how much you need.

Green Gram

The whole green gram lentil is our base ingredient. Additionally, it’s our star ingredient too since we are making ladoo out of it. It’s time to use those whole green gram lying in your kitchen closet.

No soaking, no drying, nothing. Just roast them, grind & mix them well with other items. Simple & easy.


Ghee, aka clarified butter, is to roast dry fruits and green gram flour. Don’t use butter or cooking oil. Moreover, avoid using Dalda ghee as well. Pure dairy ghee, or if possible, use Jamkhambhaliya ghee.

To know what is Jamkhambhaliya ghee, refer to the Authentic Surti Ghari Recipe. It’s amazing.

Jaggery (NO Sugar)

Ahh! I love jaggery & I bet you too. It is the biggest reason why I am referring to healthy to green moong ladoo. Instead of using sugar or other artificial sweeteners, jaggery is a far better option.

Jaggery is a better option in comparison to sugar. And I am sure most Indian housewives prefer using jaggery. Let me share some sweet dishes that you can make using gud, aka jaggery.

  1. Wheat halwa
  2. Moong dal halwa
  3. Rajgira halwa
  4. Shakarkandi (sweet potato) halwa
  5. Gajar (carrot) halwa
  6. Sooji (semolina/rava) halwa
  7. Kesari rava (semolina/sooji) halwa

Almonds & Cashews

Dry fruits are healthy, and we all know the fact. That’s the reason why green moong ladoo integrates them. You can also use red or black raisins (kishmish) as per the taste.

Since the item list is short, you can frequently make ladoos whenever you want. Share your thoughts in the comment section.

How to make Green Moong Ladoo?

Roast green gram before and after grinding it. Roasting is an essential step here. The question is how much time for roasting. Short answer – till the green gram are aromatic.

You see, it depends on the quality of moong. If they are thick & hard, it will take a long time to roast. Once the green moong is fully roasted, grind them.

Again roast the moong flour in ghee with the dry fruits. Refer to the recipe step section (with images) down under.

Dry lentils are hard to digest. This is the reason why you must either boil or roast them to make them digestible. Make ladoos out of the mixture after roasting, grinding & mixing.

Bingo! Your healthy green moong ladoo is ready.