Kite sandwich is a very simple sandwich with fewer ingredients. It has toasted bread with all kinds of spicy and sour toppings like schezwan chutney, veggies, Green chutney, and mayonnaise.

It is really a kid go crazy for a recipe made especially for Uttarayan. During the kite festival, people love to do things with family – flying kite & eating yummy food. Talking about yummy food, I am very much particular about the menu during the festival season.

This kite sandwich is really playing a favorite part during festival time. It looks cool, it has fewer ingredients and given Indian touch. A simple sandwich turns about to be a fancy treat with brushing up the same method.

Every year, I and my mother visit to my uncle’s house to have some fun during the kite festival. I have a lot of friends over there. We all fly kite together. It’s so nice having a group of friends every place you go to. You just get flavors of people around.

I made this kite sandwiches and took for all of them. They were so happy and always used to say to me that I always bring something quirky & new to them.

What Will You Need To Make Kite Sandwich?

As we ll know, sandwich consists of multiple components. Nothing too complicated here though. It just has some layers. Let’s understand what we can do with them.

The first layer is of the base and it simply is the bread. there are multiple bread options to choose from but most common and popular are the regular white bread. Special sandwich bread can be good too as we can have a tad bit bigger kite sandwich.

The second component is the spread. Butter is always  a great choice but that is not enough. We have used green chutney here and schezwan sauce. You can have just ketchup if you like or mayonnaise or cheese spread. Even special sauce you prepare at home can be useful  for this.

As for the toppings, you can add as many veggies as you like or you regularly put in a sandwich. Onions, capsicum, and tomatoes are go to choices. But sometimes, cooked potatoes and carrots are present as well. Moreover, you can add more spice powder apart from chaat masala if you like.

Or if you want to add meat then you can. Eggs, boiled chicken, fish, prawns etc will be good inclusion.

Of course there will be cheese included. To have the shape you can either arrange the square pieces into the shape and outline them with mayonnaise as a kite. If not that, then cut the bread in a diamond shape. It is recommended to toast or roast the bread slices but you can skip that.

Make a thin strip from a carrot or cucumber to resemble the rope of the kite as a decor. You can give kiddish decoration to the sandwich to appeal the children.

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