Foot Long Chicken Sandwich or Chicken Sub Sandwich is easy-to-make snack recipe with bread rolls, precooked chicken, mayo, and veggies. Its yummy taste will blow off your mind. Kids and youngsters will surely love it.

This sandwich comes in many variations. You can choose to make what best suits your taste. More or less spicy, vegan or non-veg, cheesy or on cheesy. It is also called submarine sandwich or sub sandwich.

Foot Long Chicken Sandwich is my children’s, first love. Just serve them and the plate will be returned asking for more.

My Sweetheart makes the best Foot Long Chicken sandwich. SHe has the perfect measurements of ingredients. I always say that she can cook this sandwich with her eyes closed.

Great choice for iftars, parties, kitty parties, birthday parties etc. Really light on the stomach. You can also try Chicken Club Sandwich