Chicken Shawarma is a Middle Eastern dish actually made with chicken slices grilled on a vertical spit (rotisserie) then cut off to fill the pita bread. It is then flavored with a savory yogurt sauce and fresh veggies. A dish that whole your family will surely love.

Something different from the usual, plain grilled chicken. This chicken is also a complete lunch. You have one or two Chicken Shawarma and you are complete.

As we make this delicious recipe at home and it is not necessary that all have the rotisserie. You can make the chicken by grilling it in oven or cooking on a stove. There is a slight change in the taste but not much. I will share the recipe here by cooking the chicken on the stove.

This method of cooking developed in 19th Century in Ottoman Turkey. It is called çevirme in Turkish, which means “turning rotisserie”. One of the famous Middle Eastern street foods is chicken shawarma. Choice of working class and a satisfying snack, brunch, lunch or dinner.

It is my favorite. As I mentioned earlier, I am fond of Arabic Cuisine and I like to try new cuisines every now and then. Whenever I visit Dubai, Arabic foods are my first choice including Chicken Shawarma