Crispy Keema Baida Roti is a shallow fried Indian bread stuffed with minced mutton or chicken mixed with egg and then shallow fried in oil. Crispy Baida Roti is made with pre-cooked chicken or mutton mince maida dough (all purpose flour) and egg. An easy starter recipe that would be loved by everyone.

Baida Roti is one of the famous dishes eaten during the month of Ramadan. It is very delicious and rich in nutrients that will keep your energy level up after a long fast.

Baida Roti seems to be originated from Burma. There are different myths about it. Some say it Mughlai some Burmese. Surat is considered the land of best food makers and lovers.

According to people in Surat who started making this recipe first ever tell it to be Burmese. As heard from elders, many Indian lived and worked in Burma before nationalization.

Due to nationalization, they came back to India and settled in Rander Area and brought the lovely Burmese Cuisine with them. Our recently posted Burmese Khowsuey is one of them.