Dahi Wala Paneer is straightforward to make. Wait, not only to make, but you require fewer ingredients. The best part is the recipe has no complex cooking procedures. All in all, within 30-40 minutes, you can cook this dish for lunch or dinner.

Not only lunch & dinner, but this recipe is also a फटाफट टिफ़िन item. So yes, you can cook in the morning & pack the same for school or office lunch box. Usually, morning is a hectic time for cooking. But worry not because making dahi wala paneer won’t take longer to cook.

With this in mind, let’s begin making it first.

The Taste of Dahi Wala Paneer?

This recipe is a bomb of flavours. I mean, you get a variety of tastes in one single dish. For instance, the marination will incorporate a hot & spicy taste. Further, the fried paneer will give a crisp taste. Finally, the gravy has a spicy, tangy & creamy taste.

In short, the whole recipe is a gourmet of different flavours. On top of all this, one taste is prominent throughout the recipe. The खट्टा स्वाद of dahi. It actually must be since we are making dahi wala paneer. The bottom line is you & your family members will love it.

What is Rogan & How to Make it?

Rogan is the spicy oil in your recipe. You can save one tablespoon from garnishing your final dish. There’s one more trick. Prepare Rogan & store it in a glass bottle. Read the process below to make it.

Heat 2-3 tbsp cooking oil. Allow it to heat well. Now add 1/4 tsp Kashmiri red chilli powder. Put off the flame & remove the pan or whatever utensil you are using. Remember, we don’t have to cook the chilli powder in hot oil.

Most importantly, rogan is for garnish; hence use the Kashmiri red chilli powder. Regular chilli powder is hot, and it will further add more तीखापन to the dish. Store the rogan in a glass bottle after it cools down.

TR’s Extra Shots for Dahi Wala Paneer

  • Water –  The recipe doesn’t require adding water to make gravy. The curd has enough water that we need.
  • Curd – Don’t use hung curd because you must add water. And water may ruin the texture.
  • Marination – Allow paneer to marinate properly if time permits. Cover it using plastic wrap.
  • Shallow Fry – Avoid deep frying. It will easily shatter the masala coated on the paneer. Shallow frying is recommended.
  • Curdling – To prevent curd from curdling, add cashew paste & curd together.

Recipes with Curd-Based Gravy

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Dahi Wala Paneer FAQs

Go through the faqs below in case you have queries. You can also ask us in the comment section.

Can I skip the marination process?

You can always add panner without marination. However, it is not recommended because marination will integrate flavours into the paneer.

Can I deep fry paneer instead of shallow fry?

You can, but not recommended, and I will tell you why. The masala coated on the panner will separate in hot oil if you deep fry it. This way, your paneer will become dry without masala on it. On top of it, the marination process will become useless.

If you want to avoid the marination process, you can deep fry instead.

Can I skip marination & frying altogether?

Yes, you can skip both of them & directly add paneer. You have to ensure the paneer is cooked inside the gravy.

Will the curd curdle when cooked?

No, it won’t curdle because there’s cashew paste in it. Cashew paste will mix well with the curd & keep it from curdling.

Why my beaten curd curdled?

The main reason is you may have skipped or missed the cashew paste. Cashews or onion paste prevents the curd from curdling. So if you skip cashews, add onion paste. There must be something to hold on to the curd in hot temperatures.

How do I improve my gravy if my curd curdles?

Once your curd curdles, there’s no way to improve the curd texture. However, adding cashew or onion paste can permanently save the dahi wala gravy from further damage. The other option is to add cooking cream.

Can I replace oil with ghee or butter to make the rogan?

Yes, you can make rogan in both ghee & butter. But you can’t store it because ghee & butter will freeze over time. So you can make rogan using ghee or butter & use it immediately. Don’t store.