Rasawala aloo sabji is simply gravy potatoes. The only thing is your gravy should neither be too thin nor too thick. The gravy has to be absolute, or else it will spoil the entire dish.

Potato fits in almost every recipe. It’s a supporting veggie that elevates the taste, texture & aroma of a recipe. Usually, we eat potatoes dry coated in different types of masala—for example, tawa jeera aloo or plain jeera aloo.

But the recipe I am sharing today is a little different. We will be making gravy aloo. Yes. Gravy potatoes are rare, and people don’t prefer it that way. Even some of my family members are like – ये क्या बना दिया यार 😄😁😆😛😝😜

Trust me; this rasawala aloo sabji is ultimate. And I know you will like it. Hence, let’s start making it. As usual, we will discuss the items list first.

What You’ll Need To Make Rasawala Aloo Sabji?

The item list is short. That means overall cooking time is less. In other words, you can plan this rasawala aloo sabji both for lunch & dinner. Let’s go through the ingredient list.

Making the Batter

  • Curd & Gram Flour – The recipe requires making besan & curd batter first. Therefore, let me discuss that and later on the sabji part. Using curd & gram flour (besan), we will make the batter. Both of them are our base ingredients. Instead of putting it directly into the pot, we will make them separately. Make sure there are no lumps.
  • Turmeric Powder & Salt – Both of them are regular items used to make Kadhi. Hence, there’s nothing much to discuss. Mix them properly.
  • Water – I always advise adding water gradually. Water makes or breaks your recipe. Hence, add as required once you make the batter keep it aside.

Items for Tadka

After preparing the besan & curd batter, it’s time to make our sabji. First, we will temper the spices. Here’s a list of things you will require. Take a look:

  • Ghee (Clarified Butter) – I have used desi ghee. There’s no limitation on using specific brand ghee. You can also use butter instead of ghee. If using salted butter, then kindly reduce the salt quantity. You don’t want salty rasawala aloo sabji. Do you?
  • Masala Powder & Whole Spices – I have used cumin, asafoetida, curry leaves, ginger, green chilli & red chilli powder to make the tadka. Saute the cumin seeds with asafoetida till aromatic, and then gradually add all masalas.


Boil potatoes before using them. Do not add raw because it will take time to cook & your gravy will burn. Therefore, boil, peel & cut potatoes into small pieces. Do this before you start making the sabji.

Garam Masala

The garam masala is our star ingredient. We will not add in the tadka but the end when the sabji is ready. You can also add curry powder if available. I have made a special video on madras curry powder. Click the link to watch the video.

The item list for rasawala aloo sabji is concluded here. Let’s move on to the making steps.

FAQ for Making Rasawala Aloo Sabji

The recipe involves two steps. First, make the besan & curd batter. This batter will act as our gravy. The second step is to make the tadka.

Why Do We Need to Make the Curd Batter Separately?

The question is, why not add the batter items in the tadka itself? Why do we need to make it separately? Let me explain it to you. When you add curd to the hot pot or pan, it will curdle immediately due to heat.

To put it differently, the curd will start releasing the water in it. On the other hand, your rasawala aloo sabji will become more watery.

If you remember, there’s water in the batter already. Moreover, the curd also has water quantity. This way, we are adding sufficient water required to make the gravy potato. Anything beyond this will tarnish the taste & texture.

I just wanted to attract your attention to the part mentioned above. The remaining steps are as usual.

What if my Rasawala Aloo Sabji becomes extra Rasawala?

Here’s an easy hack to any gravy recipe which is very thin. Adding too much water is the prime reason here. That is why I always recommend adding water gradually. Now that your rasawala aloo sabji has become more rasawala, do this.

Add 1 tbsp or 1 tsp besan aka gram flour & mix well till it thickens. Be careful with besan. If you add more, the sabji will be extra thick. Besan quantity depends on the water level in the sabji. Add gradually and keep stirring. That’s the best solution.

So, that was it with the rasawala aloo sabji recipe today.

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