In Palak Kadhi, spinach is पालक & fried spicy curd batter is the कढ़ी. So it’s a flavoury dish. But that’s not all about it. The term flavour here refers to items like spinach & curd. So actually, our palak kadhi is spinach curd curry (दही पालक की कढ़ी).

Surprisingly, the combination of spinach & gram flour batter is remarkable. In addition, ground spices & masala powder makes this dish divine.

I loved the palak kadhi recipe so much that I made it twice in a row in a week. Guess what? No one in my family complained.😁😆😄 Everyone liked it even the second time. Therefore, I am sharing the recipe with you today. Let’s start with the ingredients.

What Will You Need To Cook Palak Kadhi?

We have a jaw-dropping list of items here for this recipe. Okay, I know the list is a little long, but that’s what we need. For easy understanding, the items are divided into three sections. Take a look.

To Make the Batter

Making Palak kadhi requires curd-based batter. Now, this is similar to making Gujarati Kadhi. In short, we will make kadhi and add the rest of the items later on. So, here’s the list for the batter.


Don’t use sour curd. Typically there’s Punjabi dahi available in dairy. In other words, mildly sweet curd is what we need. See, you are free to use khatta dahi, but then your palak kadhi will be an extra sourer.

Gram Flour

Besan is gram flour. Monitor the quantity of gram flour. Too much will make the kadhi thick & too little will make it watery. Nothing much to say about this ingredient.

Add water gradually depending on how much curd & gram flour you take.

To Make the Palak Sabji

The palak kadhi recipe requires making the palak sabji first.

Regular Masala

We will need oil, garlic, asafoetida, salt, turmeric & red chilli powder to cook spinach. You can add coriander powder if you want to. Don’t skip asafoetida (हींग).

Green Chili Paste & Chopped Green Chili

We will be using green chillies both in the form of paste & chopped pieces. The apparent reason is to add spiciness. However, red chilli powder can do that. But dry red chilli & fresh green chillies have distinct taste profiles.

Dry chilli powder can alter the taste & texture of the entire recipe. On the contrary, green chillies add a mellow spicy flavour to the recipe. Try it.

Like I said above, add water gradually as per the requirement.

For Tempering (तड़का)

It is the final set of our item list. The last thing we will be doing is to temper the spices. For that, you will need the following.


Yes, we will use ghee, aka clarified butter, instead of oil. Of course, cooking oil is necessary to temper, but ghee takes it to the next level. Alongside, ghee neutralises extra spiciness in the recipe. Henceforth, I recommend using ghee.

Spices & Masala Powders

Cumin seeds, dry red chillies whole, curry leaves & red chilli powder. Usually, these spices & masala powders are common add-ons. Watch the video to learn how to temper these items. Unfortunately, there’s nothing much to discuss here.

So that was it with the item list. The recipe cooking steps are below. There are specific points I would want to mention. Read further.

Unique Temper Style for Palak Kadhi

Chiefly, There are two methods of tempering. To put it differently, you can start the recipe by making the tadka first. Another approach is to make it separately & then pour it hot in the end. Either way is the right one.

The best way to make your palak kadhi more tempting is to pour tadka in the end. Let me tell you why.

It is essential to realise that you must not mix or stir once you pour tempered spices. Cover the lid & allow it to rest for some time. Let the flavour & aroma of hot ghee mingle with other ingredients. Doing this will give your recipe a heavenly taste. Go ahead & try it today.


  • You can handle spinach in this recipe however you want. You can add it after chopping, blanching, or blending. Or you can add it by both chopping and blending it into the kadhi.
  • Adjust the spiciness as per your preference. You can also add different types of chillies to the tempering.
  • Add water as per the consistency of the kadhi you need. Less water more thicker the kadhi.

So, that was it with the palak kadhi recipe today.