Tawa Kaleji Masala (Mutton Liver)is an amazing attempt on mutton. It is a shallow fry mutton recipe made with some Indian spices like chili, coriander powder, cumin powder, and ginger-garlic paste.

Once the soft and slippery mutton liver fried in masala, the taste becomes outrageous. You can enjoy Tawa kaleji masala with some roti too.

The liver is one of the soft portions of goat and it is commonly made in Muslim house during Bakri Eid.

It is the first and foremost recipe made in my house and even other Muslim households on the day of Bakri Eid.

Kaleji Masala is also regularly made in our house. Once a month we make this delicacy for dinner or lunch.

Apart from this recipe, there are many other mutton recipes which you will love during special occasions. One should definitely try Mutton 65 and Chinese Mutton Cubes for some crazy taste.

For some unique taste and recipes during Bakri Eid, you can also go for Dabba Gosht and Arabic Mutton Mandi.

The taste of all these Mutton recipes will stay with you forever. Your guest and relatives will surely be going to enjoy the unique Mutton recipes.

Nutrients of Gurda (Mutton Kidney)

Kaleji (Mutton Liver) is an organ of the goat. It is highly nutritious and more nutrient-dense than muscle meat.

Rich in vitamins and a great source of minerals like iron, magnesium, selenium, and zinc.

Consists of vitamins like A, D, E, K and are rich in protein content.

Many foods contain protein or vitamins and minerals but there is no single food except liver which contains all the nutrients.

Benefits of Eating Gurda (Mutton Kidney)

  • Helps in retaining or building muscle mass.
  • High in nutrients and low in calorie.
  • Provides essential nutrients for brain, muscle, and liver.
  • Good for those looking to lose weight as small amounts of it give you the feeling of fullness.
  • Increases metabolic rate.
  • Great food post-pregnancy as it provides nutrients and mineral for the body to gain strength after going through pregnancy.
  • Good for your hemoglobin.

Drawbacks of Eating Gurda (Mutton Kidney)

  • High in cholesterol and thus not good if taken in large quantities by heart patients.
  • Excess intake by people with gout (uric acid) problem causes swelling in joints.
  • Not good for pregnant women as it causes serious birth defects and abnormalities when taken in large amounts.